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Guitar Essentials

Part 16 - Playing Classical Style

Lyle: This lesson is how to play something in the classical music style. You going to learn this famous little tune by Bach from Lute Suite 1 in E minor.

Lyle: The part I'm going to show you is the first 8 measures of the song. It's a bit difficult to absorb the whole thing so I will show it to you one measure at a time.

Lyle: That's the best way to learn this kind of stuff. You learn the first measure and practice it, then learn the next measure.

Lyle: Here's the opening riff:

Lyle: Once you have learned riff 1, start working on riff 2:

Lyle: This is all finger picking. Use your thumb to play all the bass notes. Use your index and middle fingers to pluck the melody on the high strings.

Lyle: Once you have riff 1 and 2 down, try playing them together like this:

Lyle: Also, notice the bass notes ring out until the next bass note is plucked.

Lyle: Riff 3 isn't too tough:

jer: I never heard the word "riff" would be applied to classical music :)

Lyle: classical music doesn't have groupies either.

Lyle: Once you have riff 3 figured out, try to play riffs 1, 2, and 3 together like this:

Lyle: Next is the riff that puts you at half way through:

Lyle: You almost know the whole song now because measures 5 and 6 are repeats of the first two riffs:

zz: Better to go really slow and play it correct than medium speed and botch it up every time.

Lyle: Yes, that's for sure.

Lyle: The final riff is:

Lyle: The lesson sample video at the beginning of this lesson shows me playing all the riffs together.

Lyle: The melody is based around the E harmonic minor scale:

Lyle: Here's a way you can play the melody up high on the neck:

taylor: nice

zz: got a jam track for this?  :)

taylor: what scale is that?

Lyle: E harmonic minor.

Lyle: Would a looping jam track help?

Lyle: That's all for this lesson. Next session is a jazz session, how to play a jazz piece.

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