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Guitar Essentials

Part 18 - Playing Metal Style

Hi class!

mcm: hey, what's up

gtrplyr: hey Lyle!

bill: what's up Lyle

Lyle: Been rockin' out here, making some riffs for you to try out.

Lyle: Here's the lesson sample:

Lyle: Metal style of music is loud, most of the time fast, and loud. Very loud. Power chords and single note scale riffs are used. Palm muting is used.

Lyle: Here's the rhythm riff for the lesson sample:

Lyle: Palm mutes are executed by placing the side of the right (picking) hand below the little finger across all of the strings very close to the bridge and then plucking the strings with the fingers while the damping is in effect. This produces a muted sound. The name is a slight misnomer, as the muting is usually performed by the side or heel of the hand. Here's a video clip of the rhythm riff:

Lyle: Regarding the rhythm riff above, only palm mute the single notes, lift up for the power chord so it can ring.

Barry: that's kind of a difficult rhythm to keep up with, would it be 4/4 time?

Lyle: Yes, this is in 4/4 time.

Lyle: Here's a looping jam track:

Barry: ok :), I didn't really know what I was talking about anyway

Lyle: 4/4 time means 4 beats to a measure.

Barry: ok

Lyle: This rhythm riff is in F#m. The last chord of the rhythm riff is a G power chord. This could mean that the F# is a minor chord. Try playing the F# minor pentatonic over the jam track and you'll hear how well it blends with it:

gtrplyr: Are you picking that down up?

Lyle: The scale?

gtrplyr: yes... well both

Lyle: The scale is 2 notes per string and I pick it down up down up... The rhythm riff uses alternate picking as well.

A1: I can't get the sound you get.

Lyle: Here's a solo riff made from the F# pentatonic scale:

cort: you need the right effects pedal or amp

Lyle: The metal guitar tone is a high gain amp setting, bass and treble controls turned up, mids turned down, and the bridge pickup is used wide open.

Lyle: Here's a video of riff 1:

gtrplyr: very fast tempo!!

Lyle: Another cool scale to use when you have a chord progression like this is the F# Phrygian minor:

Lyle: Here's a riff I made using this scale. I just used the half step intervals:

Lyle: Here's a trick I like to use. I'll play a diminished arpeggio starting a half step higher than the minor chord:

Lyle: Using that scale pattern I'll sometimes play a riff like this:

Lyle: Once you learn that riff, move it up 3 frets and play it again, then up another 3 frets, like this:

Lyle: Try playing all three riffs back to back like this:

Lyle: That should keep you busy for awhile! See you at the next session!


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