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Guitar Essentials

Part 20 - Ask The Teacher!

Lyle: This is the last lesson of this series on Guitar Essentials.

Lyle: Just like the last lesson, you get to ask me questions about guitar.

Lyle: raise your hand and I'll call on you.

gtrplyr: :-)

Lyle: ok, one question at a time, who's first?

Scott: How do you go about figuring out how to play a certain song?

Lyle: Good question Scott.

Lyle: I teach many of my students how to play their favorite songs.

Lyle: When I'm trying to learn a song by ear I'll listen close to the bass, then listen to the chords to see if they sound major or minor.

Lyle: When I listen to the bass that can help me with the chord progression.

Lyle: Say I hear the bass note and find it on my 6th string, then I play a major or a minor chord until it sounds right.

Lyle: Here's an audio clip of a chord I just played. What is the bass note and is this a major or minor chord?

gtrplyr: Em

jaax: Base note b and Major e cord

misterD: A# ??

Lyle: bass note is B

Lyle: chord is a minor chord - Bm11

Lyle: Ear training and how to learn songs on your own is tough. Takes a lot of practice.

Lyle: Next question?

Scott: I would have never guessed that chord

Lyle: it's in the same chord family as Bm.

Scott: would it be B min7 with 11?

Lyle: yes, so it is called Bm11

Lyle: Bm - 1 - b3 - 5

Lyle: Bm7 = 1 - b3 - 5 - b7

Lyle: Bsus2 = 1 - 2 - 5

Lyle: Bsus4 = 1 - 4 - 5

Lyle: B7sus4 = 1 - 4 - 5 - b7

Lyle: Bm11 = 1 - b3 - 5 - b7 - 9 - 11

Lyle: If we were using a piano we might be able to get the 9 in there.

Lyle: Next question?

gtrplyr: lets say you were playing in the key of Bb

Scott: would 1 - b3 - 5 - 7 - 11 be a nonsense chord?

Lyle: Scott, without the 11 it is a Bm(maj7) chord:

Lyle: Add the 9 and you get the second chord in Stairway to heaven:

gtrplyr: besides Bb minor and or major scales as well as pentatonic scales that fall in there, what other scales or modes would you play, or would it depend on the song structure?

Lyle: You say if you were playing in Bb, does that mean Bb major or minor or dominant?

Lyle: and what are the other chords in the progression?

gtrplyr: Bb maj and that is the 1 chord

Lyle: Then you are in the key of Bb major. Any mode in the key of Bb major will work, depending on what the other chords are.

gtrplyr: the other chords are Ab and Eb

Lyle: Then you're not in the key of Bb.

gtrplyr: what key am I in?

Lyle: Ab isn't in the key of Bb. Play a Bb major scale and you'll notice there is no Ab.

gtrplyr: Am I in Eb?

Lyle: Three chords you have = Bb, Ab, and Eb are the 5 - 4 - 1 of the key of Eb major.

gtrplyr: Even though the song starts on a Bb

Lyle: If your chord progression is Bb to Ab to Eb, I would lean towards to Bb mixolydian mode:

Nod: is it a jazz song?

gtrplyr: I just made it up?... I guess it could be jazz

Lyle: It's just a standard chord progression using the 1 4 5 chords

gtrplyr: so that scale just has a b7

Lyle: the mixolydian is just like a major scale but with a b7 in it, yes.

Lyle: any other questions?

gtrplyr: Thanks Lyle

gtrplyr: do ya have something cool to show us off the top of your head?

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