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Guitar Essentials

Lesson 5 - Finger Picking

Lyle: It's important to know a few finger picking riffs. That's what you'll learn in this lesson. If you're new to finger picking, you'll like some of these riffs.

Lyle: Here's our first one using the Em chord in the open position.

Lyle: On your right hand/picking hand, T = thumb, i = index, m = middle, r = ring fingers.

Lyle: Here's a variation of riff 1. Notice you'll be alternating the bass notes with your thumb:

Lyle: Still using the Em chord, you'll alternate your bass notes on three different strings. Keep using your thumb for the bass notes:

Lyle: If you're new to finger picking, practice these riffs over and over.

Lyle: Next we'll take three basic chords in the popular key of C (C, F, G) and do our basic picking pattern:

Lyle: Next is a technique I like to use to emulate how a piano player might hit a chord. They would hit all the notes at the same time:

Lyle: The next riff is used as a fill-in riff, or as a blues riff:

Lyle: The video clip will be of help for riff 6:

Lyle: Next you'll take a D chord and change up the order of notes to create a cool sound sequence:

Lyle: Next is a cool finger picking riff call Travis style. Travis Picking, named after Merle Travis, involves playing a steady bass pattern with the thumb and filling out some syncopated rhythms with the fingers of the right hand.

Lyle: Next you'll take the Travis Picking style and use it with a chord progression:

Lyle: Just for fun, try playing riff 9 along to this looping jam track:

Lyle: There you go, hope you enjoy these. That's all for this lesson. See you next time!

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