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Jam Sessions - All Blues Styles

Lesson 7 - Slow Blues in Em

Lesson Sample

Lyle: Here is a slow blues groove in Em that sounds like Zeppelin meets Pink Floyd. This groove is in 6/8 time signature, 6 beats per measure. Listen to the ride cymbal of the drums and count along, 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6.

Lyle: The chords are easy, just little 3 string chords, but playing them and getting it to sound just right is the hard part. Here's the chords:



Lyle: You want to strike the chord sharply, once for each measure on beat 4, as you count to 6, then you quickly choke or mute the chord right after you hit it. Playing a slow rhythm riff like this is challenging.

Lyle: For the tone settings, try using the bridge or middle pickup. You want a clean sound with a little reverb. Here's the slow blues rhythm riff you can learn to play:

rhythm riff

rhythm riff

Lyle: It can be harder than it looks/sounds to play slow. Here's your jam track for you to jam along to:

Slow Blues in Em jam track

chord chart

Lyle: If you were to improvise against this jam in Em, I suggest using the E natural minor scale. This scale has a real smooth sound to it and easy to come up with simple melodies with when improvising.

E natural minor

Lyle: Here's the solo from the Lesson Sample above. It is made from the E natural minor scale:

Lyle: Bar 10 is a rake or a sweep as you hold down that little Em chord.

solo 1

solo 1

Lyle: In measure 14, during the B chord, I use a different type of minor scale - the E harmonic minor. Whenever you are in a minor blues jam and the "5" chord is a major or dominant, the harmonic minor works great for just that chord, then switch back to the natural minor when the chord changes.

E harmonic minor

Lyle: Enjoy this slow jam in the darkest of all keys, the E minor key.

weasel: Thanks Lyle, you make me a better guitar player.

Lyle: You're welcome weasel.

dan: My wife thanks you for making me a better player lol!

Lyle: LOL

Solineoz: lol

Lyle: Tell your wife I said she's welcome! See you all at the next jam!

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