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Jam Sessions - Rock Style

Lesson 4
- Jam in B

Lyle: In this lesson I'm going to give you a couple of scale and arpeggio patterns to use while jamming to this jam track in B:

chord chart

Lyle: First, let's examine the rhythm guitar parts of the jam track. There is a clean guitar part and a distorted guitar part. The clean guitar part starts off using this chord:

Lyle: Mute the big 6th string with the tip of your index finger, keep the 1st and 2nd strings open. Here's the strum pattern:

Lyle: Continue this strum pattern using a clean setting on your amp for the whole jam track.

Lyle: During the "chorus" section of the jam, you'll still strum just like that but you'll change the chords as noted in the chord chart and in this next tab file:

Lyle: Now you can play the verse section 2x, then the chorus, then start over.

Lyle: Once you have memorized what to play, try playing it along to the jam track.

Lyle: The other guitar part uses a "crunchy" or dirty rhythm sound. Select the bridge pickup on your guitar and hold off on using effects like reverb or delay because that will muddy up the tight rhythm you need. Here's what the 2nd guitar part is doing for the verse:

Lyle: Notice in the video clip I'm muting all the strings after each rhythm burst.

Lyle: The chorus uses power chords again but this time you simply hit them once and let ring / sustain for the whole measure:

Lyle: Now you know two different rhythm grooves to play against this modern rock style jam track. Let's move on to scales and arpeggios.

Lyle: The main chord is the B chord. It's a major type chord so you should lean towards using a scale that has a major third in it such as the B major pentatonic. It is simple to play and improvise with since it's only made from 5 different tones: 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 6.

Lyle: Another good scale to try playing against this jam track is the B mixolydian. It also has a major third in it: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - b7. The B major pentatonic will give you a "southern rock style" sound and the B mixolydian scale will give you more melodic options. Both scales have a blues quality to them.

Picky: What is the relationship between scales and the modes of a scale?

Lyle: Good question, there are different chords like major, minor, dominant etc., and so there are different scales too. Modes are scales, scales are modes. It just depends on how you are addressing them at the moment. Major chords sound different than minor chords, same with scale and modes.

Lyle: Arpeggios are fun and challenging to play. I made a solo against the chorus section that uses all arpeggios to give you something a little hard to work on:

marco: Are these arpeggios supposed to be matching the jam track?

Lyle: They work over the chorus section of the jam track. Watch video clip and you'll see and hear it against the chorus section of the jam track.

Terry: How do you know what arpeggios to play over what chords in the background?

Lyle: Here's a jam track for just the chorus section:

Lyle: Terry, good question.

Lyle: During the chorus section the chords are A to B. Both major type chords. I picked a bunch, if not all, of the arpeggios related to the key of E Major. I was thinking the A to B chords are the IV and V chords in the key of E so I starting finding the chords in the key of E, then just played arpeggios of each one.

Terry: Are these Major arpeggios?

Lyle: Above each arpeggio is the name of it.

jerry: E major and B mixolydian have the same notes

Lyle: Yes they do. B mixolydian starts on the 5th degree of the E major scale.

Lyle: You can try playing any note from the E major scale against this jam track:

Lyle: That's about all for this lesson. Any other questions before I sign off?

marco: no, I have a lot to study here.

corro: I'm ok, thanks

kelly: Good lesson, thanks Lyle......

Lyle: Good. Have fun jammin and see you next week!

Steve: thx Lyle, have a good week

Lyle: Sounds good. Let me know if you have any questions. My email is All the jam tracks from this series is available for download off my web site,

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