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Jam Sessions - Rock Style II

Lesson 10

Lyle: This jam is in F. It's actually the V chord type of F because of the Eb major involved in the rhythm riff. I'll explain. First, load up your jam track:

Lyle: Here's the rhythm guitar riff that is played during the jam. It's made from two chords, F and Eb:

Lyle: The F chord is the V chord and the Eb is the IV chord, both related to the key of Bb major.

Lyle: This rhythm riff is what I call a "Hendrix rhythm riff".

Steve: I was thinking Rolling Stones

Mike: third stone

Lyle: Yes, The Stones too.

Lyle: I've made a bunch of riffs that end up harmonizing together, just like you hear in the lesson sample. Each of these three riffs come from the F Mixolydian scale.

Lyle: Here's the three riffs that make up the first part of the lesson sample:

Lyle: Try playing that along with the jam track.

Lyle: I'm using a fairly clean amp setting, along with a rotovibe pedal effect, some delay and reverb has been added too.

Lyle: Here's the harmony to that riff:

Lyle: The third harmony is:

Lyle: You can play any of the three riffs along to this jam track which you'll hear all three riffs together in harmony:

Lyle: Any questions?

Steve: what is the relationship between those 3 harmonies?

Steve: are the 3rd apart?

Mike: I tried those scales with double stops, sounds nice

Lyle: Riff 1 is built off the root, F. Riff 2 is built off the major 3rd, riff 3 is built off the 5th.

Steve: I see

Lyle: 3 part harmonies, all stacked on top of each other.

Lyle: Try playing riff 1 a couple times, then do riff 2 a couple times, then riff 3 a couple times.

Lyle: You could loop any of the TABs and play along with them too.

Support: there is a 'loop' button under the notation if you haven't noticed

Lyle: Try looping riff 1 and then on your guitar play riff 2.

Lyle: Let's move on to a few solo riffs I played against this jam. You know that there are two chords in the jam, F and Eb.

Lyle: They are the V and IV chords in the key of Bb.

Lyle: Besides using the F mixolydian scale that I posted earlier, you could also use the F Major pentatonic scale while improvising over this jam track:

Lyle: To get a bluesy sound, try using the F minor pentatonic:

Lyle: Here's the first part of the solo I recorded for this lesson, notice how it starts with the F major pentatonic then changes to the minor pentatonic at the end of the riff. You'll also hear the difference.

Mike: The maj. sounds a little bit like the Allmans,and the min. Rolling Stone,even Robert Johnson-ish...

Lyle: Yes. the major pentatonic gives you a southern rock sound, the minor pentatonic gives you a blues rock sound.

Lyle: Use them both when you're playing against a dominant 7 chord or a major chord.

Picky: How do you know when it's ok to change between Major and Minor scales?

Mike: That`s a good mix Lyle, thanks.

Lyle: It's doesn't matter in this example. Whatever sounds good to your ears is a good rule. Try different things. As long as people aren't throwing vegetables at you, you are doing good.

Lyle: Check out this next example which is the next riff in the solo. It is all from the F minor pentatonic:

Lyle: This next riff is a good one for repeating and setting yourself up or giving yourself time to think about what to play next:

Lyle: The last riff from the lesson sample:

Lyle: Here's a video of the complete solo:

Pacer: Lyle, What pickups do you use?

Lyle: Seymour Duncan pickups with coil tapping (Neck pickup/Seymour Duncan Alnico II, middle pickup/Seymour Duncan APS-2, bridge pickup/Seymour Duncan JB)

Pacer: Thanks, I'm a Duncan fan too.

Lyle: You can hear my Hendrix influence in this jam.

Lyle: Time for me to take a break, but you can keep on jammin'!  All the jam tracks from this series are available in high quality MP3 download from my site - Click on Jam Tracks for more info. See you next time!!! - Lyle

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