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In The Style of Angus Young (AC/DC)
part 5

Lesson Sample

Lyle: Listen to the sample, it's what you'll be learning in this lesson. It's all based around the key of B. The sample starts with a "bag pipe" riff, then several other rhythm riffs, followed by a solo at the end. These are all riffs I made up that have that Angus sound to them. After years of me listening and playing AC/DC songs, their infectious grooves and riffs are just a part of my own sound. Let's begin learning all of these parts one by one.

Lyle: The first riff you hear in the sample, besides the bass guitar, is the "bag pipe" riff:

Lyle: Repeat that riff along to this jam track:

jam - drums and bass

Lyle: You can also play that riff up an octave like this:

Lyle: Sounds like bag pipes because of the open B string.

Lyle: Let's learn a few rhythm riffs that also have that Angus sound. This first riff uses 3 chords up on the neck:

rhythm riff 1

Lyle: This first riff is to be played tight. Notice in the video clip I'm muting the strings after each chord.

Lyle: Riff 2 uses the same chords, only arpeggiated:

rhythm riff 2

Lyle: Riff 3 uses power chords:

rhythm riff 3

Lyle: Once you have learned and memorized the bag pipe riff, and the 3 rhythm riffs, try playing them in any order against the jam track. Here's a jam track that has all the riffs in it:

jam - all parts

Lyle: The bag pipe riff and rhythm riff 1 are being played at the same time during this jam track, then alternate between riff 2 and riff 3, you'll hear...

Lyle: You can use this jam track to learn the solo with.

Lyle: Ok, the solo is in Angus's favorite scale - the minor pentatonic. Key of B minor for this solo. You're about to learn the solo from the lesson sample at the top of this page. In riff 1 you start a whole step higher than the root (B) and bend up just a little bit, a half step or 1 fret worth. Very bluesy.

solo - riff 1

Lyle: Riff 2 has a very heavy and fast vibrato on the last note.

solo - riff 2

Riff 3 climbs the neck:

solo - riff 3

Riff 4 is a fast pull-off lick. Here's a sample of what it is:

Lyle: Notice the open B string again, just like in the "bag pipe" riff. Play the pull-off riff real fast and move it up the neck one fret at a time like this:

solo - riff 4

Lyle: Notice the last notes of Riff 4 end on the root (B) note. You grab the 17th fret which is an A note and bend up a whole step to B.

Lyle: Final riff:

solo - riff 5

Lyle: See if you can string all 5 of the riffs together and play along to either jam track. After you have studied all 5 of my lessons on Angus, you'll have learned many of his familiar rhythm and lead riffs. It will make it easier for you when you try and learn their songs.

GeorgePrice: Anything special for the Angus tone?

Lyle: Angus plays a Gibson SG straight into a Marshall amp, no effects.

Lyle: Don't use very much overdrive/distortion, just a little bit, use the bridge pickup on your guitar, and one more it loud!

Lyle: That's all for this lesson. If you would like further study on this topic or any other topic, email me at for info on how you can get your own customized guitar lessons like this using Riff Interactive technology. Your private lessons can be downloaded to your pc for anytime, anywhere study. Thanks and see you at the next lesson. - Lyle

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