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In The Style of B.B. King - part 4

Lesson Sample

Lyle: Listen to the lesson sample, it has one of the solo's you'll be learning tonight. Next you'll need to listen to my narration in this sound clip:

Sound Clip 2

Lyle: Here's a group of notes you'll use to make the first solo in the key of G:

Lyle: The circled notes are the roots (G). Be sure to listen to the "Audio Narration" sound clips, they have my descriptions and instructions for you.

Sound Clip 3

riff bends for solo 1

Sound Clip 4

Looping Sound Clip 1

Lyle: Try this for a solo, it has the notes and bends you just learned:

solo 1

Sound Clip 5

Lyle: Let's look at another solo!

Sound Clip 6

Sound Clip 8

riff bends for solo 2

Lyle: Here's a new jam track to use with solo 2:

Looping Sound Clip 2

Sound Clip 9

solo 2

Lyle: Strange taking the same exact solo and putting it into two different keys, to 2 different grooves?! I added just a touch of overdrive to match "the vibe" of the jam track. Still, it's the same B.B. King riffs!

Lyle: Here's another solo example in B minor.

Sound Clip 10

riff bends for solo 3

Lyle: Here's the new jam track for the key of B minor:

Looping Sound Clip 3

Lyle: This solo is not like the other 2 you just learned because this is based around the minor sound, the other two solos were based around plain major chords.

Lyle: Here's the solo:

Lyle: Now you have plenty to work on from this lesson!

Lyle: That's all for this lesson. If you would like further study on this topic or any other topic, email me at for info on how you can get your own customized guitar lessons like this using Riff Interactive technology. Your private lessons can be downloaded to your pc for anytime, anywhere study. Thanks and see you at the next lesson. - Lyle

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