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Beginning Guitar VII - Ear Training

Lesson 2 - Power Chords

check your tuning

Lyle: In this lesson you'll be hunting down power chords. First we'll use bass notes from the 6th string. You should know the names of these notes:

notes on the 6th string

Lyle: First you'll be looking for power chords played off the 6th string, then later in the lesson you'll be looking for power chords off the 5th string. Here's all these power chords:

power chords

Lyle: Listen to this MP3 clip of a power chord and see if you can find it on your guitar:

power chord quiz - 01

Lyle: Here's the answer:

power chord answer - 01

Lyle: The bass note tells you what the name of the power chord is.

Lyle: Here's the next one:

power chord quiz - 02

power chord answer - 02

pyite20v: Anyway you could turn the distortion down for those on acoustics or unplugged?

Lyle: I have my overdrive set to a very low setting for all these recordings. As long as you're in tune you should still be able to find these sounds on your acoustic guitar.

power chord quiz - 03

power chord answer - 03

Lyle: Here's the next one:

power chord quiz - 04

power chord answer - 04

power chord quiz - 05

power chord answer - 05

power chord quiz - 06

power chord answer - 06

power chord quiz - 07

power chord answer - 07

power chord quiz - 08

power chord answer - 08

power chord quiz - 09

power chord answer - 09

power chord quiz - 10

power chord answer - 10

Lyle: Now it's going to get just a little bit harder. You'll have two different power chords to locate.

power chord quiz - 11

power chord answer - 11

power chord quiz - 12

power chord answer - 12

power chord quiz - 13

power chord answer - 13

power chord quiz - 14

power chord answer - 14

power chord quiz - 15

power chord answer - 15

power chord quiz - 16

power chord answer - 16

power chord quiz - 17

power chord answer - 17

power chord quiz - 18

power chord answer - 18

power chord quiz - 19

power chord answer - 19

power chord quiz - 20

power chord answer - 20

Lyle: A little story....When I was much younger and learning guitar by ear, I wanted to learn a solo classical guitar piece by Steve Howe titled "Mood For A Day". I had the record and record player and had to spend most of my summer trying to learn this by myself, by ear. After what seemed like forever, I got it figured out. Then I found it written in a book at the music store.

pyite20v: how close were you to the book?

Joel: cool.. was your technique correct? :)

Joey: I've ruined a few records doing that

BigTX: did you buy the book?

Lyle: I wish I would have known it was in a book because that would have saved me so much time. In the long run it improved my ear from constant training.

Lyle: I didn't need to buy the book, I had figured it out myself!!

Lyle: Let's try a few more exercises using 3 power chords:

power chord quiz - 21

power chord answer - 21

power chord quiz - 22

power chord answer - 22

power chord quiz - 23

power chord answer - 23

power chord quiz - 24

power chord answer - 24

power chord quiz - 25

power chord answer - 25

Lyle: Ok, let's take a break, see you at the next lesson!

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