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Beginning Guitar VII - Ear Training

Lesson 3 - Major Chords

check your tuning

Lyle: Ready to test your ears again? This lesson will have you focus on the sounds of major chords, alone and in groups.

Lyle: You'll be tested on these Major chords:

Major Chords

Lyle: Here's the first quiz. Listen to this MP3 clip and see if you can figure out which of these major chords it is:

chord quiz 01

Lyle: Here's the answer so you can check if you're right:

chord quiz answer 01

Lyle: Any questions? How did you all do?

JonP: I got it

ZoSo: me too

Zeph: I got it right but only because I play that chord a lot

Lyle: Good! Let's try more:

chord quiz 02

chord quiz answer 02

ZoSo: I'm 2 for 2

Lyle: Good!

Luanne: Oh, no I've got it!

Zeph: me too

chord quiz 03

chord quiz answer 03

Lyle: Did you get #3 right?

Luanne: no

Zeph: barely

Lyle: :-(

Lyle: I tricked you with a hard chord.

chord quiz 04

chord quiz answer 04

chord quiz 05

chord quiz answer 05

chord quiz 06

chord quiz answer 06

chord quiz 07

chord quiz answer 07

Lyle: Now you will hear three chords played three times. See if you can pick out which three major chords they are. I'm using the same 7 chords from the top of this lesson.

chord quiz 08

chord quiz answer 08

chord quiz 09

chord quiz answer 09

Luanne: Is the goal to hear it and identify it or to figure it out by playing it?

Lyle: Both.

chord quiz 10

Zeph: Is the secret simply learning how certain chords sound? Sound recognition.

chord quiz answer 10

Lyle: Yes, pitch recognition is what you're learning. Your brain records the sound and then you guess what it is, then you check on your guitar to see if you're right.

chord quiz 11

chord quiz answer 11

chord quiz 12

chord quiz answer 12

chord quiz 13

chord quiz answer 13

chord quiz 14

chord quiz answer 14

Lyle: This is a good place to take a break. The next lesson will be just a little tougher. You'll be working with minor chords, then major and minor chords mixed together. Stay tuned!!!!

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