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Two Hand Tapping

Lesson 4

Lyle: I thought I would teach you the opening tapping section to one of my songs, which is titled Bach N A. The lesson sample is the opening tapping part.

Lyle: There are several sections to it. 4 or 5 to be exact.

Lyle: The tapping riffs are made from major and minor triads that match each chord that's being played.

Lyle: Here's the jam track for the 1st section I'll call riff 1:

Lyle: The chords for riff 1 are B - G - E:

Lyle: The opening section, riff 1, is tapped out on the 2nd string.

Lyle: So you'll need to find the triads/arpeggios for the chords on the 2nd string.

Lyle: Here's the triad for the B:

Lyle: Those 3 notes make up the root, 3rd, and 5th degrees in the key of B.

Lyle: Here's a simple way to play the G:

Lyle: Here's two chords I play for the E:

Lyle: The chord progression is:

Lyle: B - G - Esus4 - E

Lyle: Here's how it all fits together:

Lyle: Try playing riff 1 with the jam track for riff 1. The video clip helps you see and hear it being play at the right tempo.

Lyle: Riff 2 switches to different chord: E to C to A. Here's the jam track for riff 2:

Lyle: Now you'll tap arpeggios out on the 1st string for riff 2:

Lyle: Once you have those two riffs down, and can play them along with the jam tracks, try playing riff 1 2x, then riff 2 2x, then repeat. Here's a jam track for riff 1 and 2.

Lyle: Here's a video example of me playing riffs 1 and 2:

Lyle: Any questions?

kitekrazy: Yes, I have problems keeping the other strings quiet

Lyle: That's one of my problems too!

Lyle: You have to be delicate and try muting with the palm of your tapping hand once in awhile. I just made a video example of muting....

Lyle: That's all for this lesson. I'll show you the second half of this tapping solo next lesson.

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