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Two Hand Tapping

Lesson 6

Lyle: In this lesson I'd like to show you a few tapping riffs you can mess around with.

Lyle: Try the same technique with an Am chord:

Lyle: Here's an example of playing both chords:

Lyle: You can use this same technique with any chord. Here's an example using a bar chord:

Lyle: Here's an example of how you can tap out a different chord shape other than the one your holding down:

Lyle: Try using both Gm chords like this:

Lyle: Here's something a little different. You'll be tapping harmonics with your right hand.

Lyle: Tap on top of the fret.

Lyle: Use your bridge pickup too.

Lyle: Here's a fun one. I stole it from Van Halen I think...:

Paul: why the bridge pickup?

Lyle: The bridge pickups reproduces the harmonics better than the neck pickup.

Paul: so you play the tapped harmonics 12 frets from the fretted finger?

Lyle: Right.

Lyle: Check out this next one:

Lyle: Now take that idea further like this:

Lyle: Those are just a few tapping riff ideas that are fun to play around with.

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