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David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) Style

Lesson 4

Lyle: This lesson has some basic blues riffs in Gm. The Gm pentatonic scale is the scale of choice:

Lyle: The circled notes are the Gs. Here's the jam track you'll use for tonight:

Lyle: Gilmour plays a very interesting chord in this groove, does anyone know what it is? He's arpeggiating it.

Doug: In the diagram on the neck, there are a number of positions that are missing, is this because these are the most common positions?

Lyle: These are common positions.

Lyle: It's a Gm6

Lyle: Gilmour uses many different FX boxes. If you have a chorus and or phasor pedal, try using them with some reverb.

Lyle: Go for your bridge pickup with a clean amp setting.

Lyle: As you learned from the lessons prior to tonight, Gilmour plays short, simple blues licks as part of his style. This first lick is part of a Gm6. Start with your 2nd finger on the 4th string.

Lyle: Learn that riff, then try playing along to the jam track.

Lyle: Any questions?

Nick: why use the bridge pickup?

Lyle: More "sting".

Lyle: Try different pickup and settings. If you have different guitars, try them too!

Lyle: Try this lick along with the jam track. Lick 2 has a unison bend at the 15th fret.

Lyle: As with most blues guitarists, Gilmour has a great technique or feel for bends and vibratos. Be aware of this as you learn these licks.

Lyle: Lick 3 has a nice pre bend and release....

Lyle: Same with lick 4 in the 2nd measure:

Lyle: Here is that same pre bend lick in this next tab. It's a great technique to learn.

Lyle: Another part of Gilmour's style that seems to be very consistent in many of his solos, is the way he makes his solos build and climb higher up the neck, creating more excitement and dynamics.

Lyle: This next lick is one of the tougher Gilmour style riffs to play:

Lyle: Grab the 3rd string with your 3rd finger, strike it with your pick, slide up to the 15th fret, bend a whole step, slide a whole step, bend a whole step!

Lyle: This next lick is simpler. I'd like to point out something about this next simple lick. It has 5 different techniques in it: bend - release - slide - hammer-on - and vibrato. A very simple lick with these added in to make one great sounding lick.

Lyle: Here's another. This lick is an example of Gilmour copying himself, climbing the neck to create a sense of excitement, and the sense of going somewhere, to the next change.

Lyle: Now you have a bunch of licks to learn and memorize. Play them along to the jam track in any order you want.

Lyle: Here's a couple examples of how you can string together some of the licks in this lesson.

Lyle: Fun stuff isn't it?

JayKidd: Yes

thul: yes indeed

Lyle: Any questions?

JayKidd: Not yet : }

Nick: can't think of any

bill: great blues licks

JayKidd: I need to work on my tone setup

Lyle: Start with a real clean tone, no effects and build from there.

JayKidd: yes then add some chorus and reverb?

Lyle: Get it to sound good with the plain setting first. Then try different things like eq and reverb.

Lyle: Good time for us to take a break.

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