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David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) Style

Lesson 5

Lyle: Here's the lesson sample for this lesson:

Lyle: As with the other lessons, the licks here are short and simple. You'll learn a few of them, then I'll show you a couple of ways to change the order of them in a way that can help you with your own improvisation skills. Here's the jam track:

Lyle: The key is B minor. You'll need to know the B minor pentatonic scale to solo with:

Lyle: Here's another position of the B minor pentatonic:

Lyle: Here's lick 1 for you to start with. It has a heavy vibrato at the 7th fret, then bends up to the root (B) from the 10th fret, 2nd string, then release the bend:

Lyle: Gilmour's style has lots of vibrato and bends, nothing too fast. He keeps it simple. For lick 2, try starting with your 3rd finger on the 3rd string.

Lyle: If you're using a strat style guitar, try using the bridge pickup for your sound, then add distortion on your amp!

Lyle: Lick 3 is a variation of lick 2. Start with your 3rd finger, then slide from the 10th to the 12th fret of the B string.

Lyle: Notice all 3 of these licks so far have a fair amount of vibrato.

Lyle: Here's lick 4...It sounds like a Jimmy Page lick. Gilmour, Page, Clapton and many other guitar greats from England must have had similar influences in the old blues masters because many of their licks are alike.

Lyle: Let's take a look at these 4 riffs together in one tab:

timo: Could we get a tab of the rhythm part too?

Lyle: Here's the same 4 licks in a different order to try:

SpiritFly: Is there a short 6 in the rhythm, right before 7 10.. ?

Lyle: Lick 5 is a familiar sounding Gilmour style lick. It's just a B minor pentatonic descending.

Lyle: Pay close attention to the slight 1/4 step bend here in lick 6. It's on the 1st note of the 2nd measure. This is a typical place to bend a note in the minor pentatonic, the flatted 3rd. Just a little bend will do it for a bluesy sound.

timo: It all sounds very nice

Lyle: Lick 7 has a quick vibrato, like B.B. King:

Lyle: Some of Gilmour's riffs remind me of the BB King style, short and to the point.

Lyle: Lick 8 ends on the root note (B) for a resolving type of sound:

Lyle: Let's take licks 5 thru 8 and put them together like this:

ozinmyland: wow my head is full of new notes

Lyle: Here's another short solo using licks 5 thru 8:

Lyle: That's all for us today. See you on the Dark Side Of The Moon!!!!!


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