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Slap Bass For Beginners

Lesson 3

Lyle: This lesson is about the index finger pop (P).

Lyle: Pop the string with the index finger by pulling it up then releasing it so that it rebounds against the fretboard.

Lyle: Here's a very basic jam track you should use for the upcoming exercises.

Lyle: Remember, you can slow down the tempo of the jam track if needed.

Lyle: Ok, here's your first exercise. You'll can slap (S) the open string ascending, then pop (P) the open strings descending, or just pop everything:

Lyle: The next exercise has you alternating between slap and pop for each string. You'll play two notes per beat. This means you are playing 8th notes.

Lyle: Make sure you are working on muting the strings that aren't being played.

Lyle: The next exercise uses octaves. You are alternating still between slap and pops:

Lyle: Exercise 4 is a little tougher. You'll do quick slaps with your thumb before you pop the octave:

Lyle: When you play back the TABs you'll notice that it displays the note name on the virtual fretboard. This is to help you learn your notes! The fingering should be somewhat obvious on these exercises. Use the fingering that is comfortable for you.

Lyle: Exercise 5 is my "disco" bass riff.

Lyle: Exercise 6 has your hands shifting around. This might take a little extra practice!

Lyle: Exercise 7 is pretty easy but sounds cool:

Lyle: Exercise 8 is a variation of what you did in #7:

Lyle: I saved the hardest exercise for last!

Lyle: This one has you playing three notes per beat, which are called 8th note triplets. Then you'll be alternating between slap and pop the whole way through.

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