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Lesson Subject:
Guitarists Influenced By Hendrix I
What you learn: Frank Marino Style - Part 1
Teacher: Michael Johnson

Michael: This interactive lesson continues our series on Guitarists Influenced by Hendrix, featuring in the style of Frank Marino of Mahogany Rush. Frank was one of the guitarist during the '70s that strived to wave the Hendrix flag, taking Jimi's styles and riffs and creating his own sound much in the way of Robin Trower. Notice the heavy Hendrix type riffs in the lesson sample, we'll cover his lead styles in a later lesson, Here's a sample of the riffs you'll learn in this lesson:

Lesson Sample

Michael: Here's our first riff.

Riff 1

Michael: This first part of this riff starts in the F# Minor Pentatonic scale pattern, you start in the scale and then jump to a hammer-on as you descend down the pattern, you then play a chromatic line. Here's the F# Minor Pentatonic.

Michael: Play the first part of the riff a few times you then jump to the A, playing the same riff. Here's the scale pattern for the A.

Michael: After that you jump to the C7, B7, D7 and Db7, but you use the thumb on the 6th string (E) when playing the chords. Here's the jam track you can play over.

Looping Jam Track 1

mike: Can u just bar the 1st finger instead of the thumb?

Michael: Sure Mike, but make sure you mute the 5th string by lifting your finger slightly, now you can try jamming by using the F# Min Pentatonic and then jump to the A Minor Pentatonic pattern, try it! Now make sure you jump and use the chords at the end. I'll give you a live sample of me using the scales, here's the sample:

Live Teacher Sample

Michael: Remember we'll cover more improvising next week, OK, let's jump to our next riff.

Riff 2

Michael: This riff starts in F# as well, this time you play a "Foxey Lady" type riff, but adding more of a funk groove to it. Here's the jam track.

Looping Jam Track 2

Michael: In this riff you start with the 1st finger on the 6th string (E) and play the 1st & 2nd strings on the 5th fret using the 4th finger. Let's jump to our next riff.

Riff 3

Michael: This is basically the same riff, but this time you use the E Minor Pentatonic pattern.

Michael: Here's the scale pattern you use, here's the jam track.

Looping Jam Track 3

Michael: Let's move on.

Riff 4

Michael: This riff, stays in the E Minor pentatonic pattern, but you use the lower strings of the pattern. Here's the pattern it uses.

Michael: Notice in the pattern I sent, I included the b5 notes (A#/Bb), which makes the scale pattern a E Minor Blues scale, this entire lick is based on this pattern. Here's the jam track.

Looping Jam Track 4

Michael: This has a common Hendrix groove, especially the later period of Jimi's career, more of a Band of Gypsy's rhythm pattern. Frank Marino was heavily inspired by this era of Jimi's music. Here's the next riff.

Riff 5

Michael: Now this is a cool riff, you start in the E minor pentatonic scale pattern in the open position, hammer-on the 4th string, the ending of the riff jumps to box 2 of the E minor pentatonic scale pattern.

Michael: Here's the patterns, try playing over the jam track.

Looping Jam Track 5

Michael: Well class that's it for this lesson, see you next lesson!

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