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Michael Johnson >> Chicago Blues >>

Michael: our lesson tonight is based on the Chicago Blues sound, our featured style is based on Muddy Waters, here's our featured blues jam track based on A

Michael: load this file and you can practice to the jam track, Our scale will be in the A Minor Pentatonic, the first scale is a common pattern used on starting from the A on the 6th string:

Michael: the A Minor Pentatonic scale has A, C, D, E, G in it, you can also play this pattern starting from the A string open, here's the the pattern we'll use:

Michael: the last scale pattern I'm sending is the scale we're going to use for all the coming licks

alleycat: this is a minor pent teach?

Michael: yes, make sure you have the pattern down

Eddie_solo: how many scales do u know teach

Michael: tons


caeryl: killer lick

Michael: notice how you use the last A Minor Pen pattern for this licks, the open strings give the licks more depth, I start by playing the open string A then the min 3rd of the scale then that octave

AceDuck: how do you bend that one string without touching the one right above it...?

Eddie_solo: playing scales in the open string area is where i am weak

Michael: you have to pull down slightly, this should be a good exercise then

voodostratkid: it takes along time to get the bending down

Michael: notice the second part of the lick uses the open E (1st) string, all the  "Guitar Lick of the Day" uses the first part of this lick

AceDuck: these licks are great

Michael: thanks, they use the open strings to producer a greater sound, the video will show the hand position I use

Hand positions

finncaster: whyda think one of the reason Jimmy Page picked up the tele-Muddy Waters ;)

Michael: here are some images of holding the second string and playing the little string open, yes Finn, Muddy influenced many British blues rockers, he started his career playing traditional Delta slide blues, then discovered the electric guitar when he moved to Chicago after WW II.

Lance: teach, it looks like you're holding the first string with your second finger, is that right?

George: Teach, are there any other scales I can use with this blues riff, besides the blues scale, like modes or something,

Michael: yes Lance

Eddie_solo: could u do some slide guitar lessons in the future

voodostratkid: blues are the funnest to play i think out of what ive learned from rock and classical

Michael: sure George I'll send more later, in weeks 3 & 4 Eddie

BigB: First time attending live session, just found this site a few weeks ago. It great. With a Great teacher. thanks!

voodostratkid: he likes roy clark

Chris: I can see it here I think, it starts on the A string ?

voodostratkid: thats a cool lick teach

Chris: I like it

EdoSkedo: Sweet lick

Michael: thanks, the last lick I sent actually uses the A min blues scale

caeryl: tasty

Michael: this scale pattern uses the open string pattern also

Chris: Wow that last part on the last lick is really heavy sounding if you let the open A string ring a bit

Michael: it's a very powerful sounding scale

Eddie_solo: i prefer it to the 12th fret

Michael: this has all the same notes as the A minor Pentatonic scale A, C, D, E, G, but it adds the b5 (Eb) note

Jr: i like to bend each note on the 3 fet

Michael: this scale is used by many rock guitarists

Eddie_solo: i use that scale too much

AceDuck: yeah, its a cool lick

Michael: notice the slight bend on the last lick

Lance: I'm with ya bro

Michael: notice the hammer lick towards the end, that lick is used by players like Stevie Ray Vaughan

Eddie_solo: he uses his thum alot too

Michael: now you can play a portion of the last lick as an exercise

Lance: video is good too

Michael: repeat this exercise several times

AceDuck: good practice, eh?

Michael: you can speed it up like I did in the video

Jr: for the rest of the week!!

AceDuck: woah, teach, ur fingers are smokin'!

Michael: now you can practice the same lick but pull-off open

Lance: teach is the third finger note a hammer on?

Michael: yes you do

voodostratkid: what kind of guitar did you start out with teach

Michael: a DanElectro

Eddie_solo: ihad a squire

Michael: my dad had a Fender Jazzmaster I played on

scooby: i start with a kramer and i m still playing it

voodostratkid: dang i got a les paul but i have been saving up for it for four years

Michael: the last video I sent adds an extra note on the 3rd string/2nd fret

Jr: Give us a long one teach :>)

Michael: it's actually time for me to go

Jr: i know

Jr: one more

voodostratkid: i started out with a lauren acoustic

EdoSkedo: I started on a Gretsch, I didn't know how awesome it was. I sold it to my cousin. I'll never live it down.

Michael: check out the  "Lick of the Day" all those licks build up to Monday's lessons

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