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Michael Johnson >> Acoustic Kentucky Bluegrass >>

Michael: This interactive lesson will continuing the subject for the month, acoustic bluegrass licks. Here's the G major scale which the progression and licks are based on: 

Michael: the scale we will based most of the licks on is the G Major scale, the notes you might notice in this scale is:

G, A, B, C, D, E, F#

Michael: notice this pattern is a bit different from the scale last week, you can use the B on either the B (2nd) or E (1st)

Michael: Here's the jam track you will use to play the licks over, the chords used for the progression is G and D

Joecool: :) cool.

Ian: Do all the notes for the scale sound good

Michael: yes Ian, each lick will be based on either the G or D chord, OK let's get started with our licks

Eddie_solo: this is like the circle of fifths:

Michael: our first lick is pretty basic, it uses the G major chord but hammers the 5th string using your 1st finger. The tricky part is to sync the picking hand with the lick, here's the images for the chord

Eddie_solo: Ive noticed that when u do your pull-offs u get a stronger sound by slightly polling down on the string, am i right?

Michael: yes, very good eddie

Ian: What right had technique should I be using?

steha: is it gonna hurt me to play G w/my little finger on the bottom string?

Michael: Ian I included a video for the picking technique, the picking video is usually the second video I send after each lick, not to bad steha.  OK here's the next lick

Ian: Teach.. Are you holding down the D note on the second string?

felix: do you have to pick the 1st string 3rd fret when you hammer on?

Michael: the last lick was of a little

Ian: Both. Even the second lick looks like your doing a mini bar.

Michael: yes I am Ian

Michael: here's the image for barring the second part of the lick

Michael: this next lick plays over the D major chord, you actually hammer from 2 to 4 on the 3rd string

Michael: the last lick might be a bit of a stretch for some

Parkster: yeah its kinda tricky for me

Michael: try to take your time, you might practice very slowly at first

Ian: What would you suggest to building up right hand speed?

BillT: This is great, but I keep going off into a jam

Michael: Ian we have plenty of archives showing picking technique, that's the idea Bill

Hank_Garland: that is a great song to build up finger speed

Michael: the last lick is another variation you can use for the D major, it walks down the D major scale

  Michael: here's the D major scale you use, the D major scale has: D, E, F#. G, A, B, C#, notice how the last lick descends down the scale pattern while playing portions of the chord, you can do both in bluegrass

Michael: the last lick starts with the G major and strums the chord, after that you play the notes of the first scale I sent, the last chord ends on the D maj

Ian: The last 8 notes befor the D chord were from the D major scale?

Michael: yes Ian, you can use that scale over the D maj chord

BillT: Not that the others weren't, but this lick is a little weird, and nice

Michael: I'm open for questions or I'm sure Hank is enjoying your questions

Michael: here's a clip I just recorded

BillT: Boy, I tell ya, I'm just goin' all over the place with this stuff. I love it when a lesson opens up big doors. Thanks, teach!

irene: great sound clip

Refractor: teach: Cool!

  Michael: well I'm gonna go, it was a pleasure Hank, and great seeing the rest of you

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