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Michael Johnson >> Chuck Berry-Rolling Stones styles >>
Lesson Subject: Chuck Berry Style
What you learn: Licks - Part 1
Michael: Michael Johnson

This interactive lesson covers the style of rock 'n' roll legend Chuck Berry. Mr. Berry influenced many rock guitarists with his simple, but rockin' guitar licks. Here's a sample of the Chuck Berry type licks you'll learn:

Lesson Sample

Michael: Notice the cool licks. Chuck Berry took the blues and put an edge on it and that's where rock 'n' roll came from. We will use the G Minor Pentatonic scale pattern.

Michael: Make sure you go over the scale first, it's very important for you to know the scale. Let's get started with the licks.

Michael: This first lick starts on the 3rd fret barred, you actually slide from the 2nd to 3rd frets with the 1st finger.

Michael: Notice that you use notes just outside of the scale pattern these are relative notes to the scale. Here's a jam track for you to practice with.

John: I assume you just move it a little for play in E correct. Same concept.

Michael: Yes, here's the next lick.

Chuck Berry had an interesting method for using the scale pattern, notice the slide on the double-stop notes.

Michael: Here's the next lick.

Michael: Try putting all the licks together, you can break it up by counting to 4 and then playing the lick this is Chuck Berry's method when singing and playing the licks.

John: You bend the 2nd string, right?

Michael: Yes, both of them.

Michael: Here's the next lick.

Michael: This lick uses the same pattern as the first one, but you have other notes. Notice you have the b5 in it.

LarryS: Do you hold the b5?

Michael: Briefly when you barre the two notes, you can use outside notes when using them in a transition. You start and resolve the phrase with in the scale pattern though.

LarryS: Show the barre if you would.

Michael: Sure

Michael: Notice the first finger starts the lick, then you move to the barre on the 2nd and 3rd strings.

Michael: Here's another lick based in the main scale pattern, you might notice that Chuck Berry liked to play intervals or 2 notes which are called double-stops. Mr. Berry used that technique because it filled up the sound of his solos. You can probably make up your own licks using the scale pattern and playing 2 notes at a time. Notice the slight double-stop note bends. Does anybody know what kind of guitar Chuck Berry plays?

Tim: ES 335

Michael: Close, he uses a Gibson ES 355, it has extra electronics.

scott: Or an ES 350t

Michael: Yes, he used different ES models throughout his career. OK, you can also play licks that are based off the V (5) of the progression. Here's the tab.

John: Is the V the C or the D.

Michael: D

Michael: Let's try a lick based on the V of the progression. Try this one when the progression goes to D on the jam track, it has an interesting sound. Chuck Berry is pretty creative with the scale patterns when used within the context of a progression.

Michael: Here's another lick that you can play over the V.

Michael: This is actually one of my favorite licks he plays. This combination uses both Maj 3rd and Min 3rd intervals on the 1st and 2nd string. Try this over the D. You can also use the first part of the lick over the other chords, but it changes when you get to the 7th fret, depending on the chord you're playing over.

SkeddieVanHalen: Johnny B. Goode was launched 4,000,000,000 miles from St. Louis, Missouri on Voyager I a few years ago.

Michael: Thanks sked for the info. See you at the next lesson.

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