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Michael Johnson >> Surf Guitar Legends >>
Lesson Subject: Surf Legends
What you learn: Dick Dale Style - Part 1
Teacher: Michael Johnson

Michael: Welcome to our lesson on the style of the "King of Surf Rock" Dick Dale! Mr. Dale actually got his lightning fast picking style from listening to drummers like Gene Krupa and other legendary drummers. In this lesson we'll cover more double picking licks. Here's what you'll learn:

1. Double Picking single string scales and licks
2. Changing licks with the progression
3. Playing Arpeggios over chord changes

Lesson Sample

Michael: Here's a quick review on the picking style we're going to use:

Pick Exercise 1 Slow

Pick Exercise 2 fast

Michael: Remember to warm up playing scales on a single-string while double picking. Our first scale will be based on the E minor scale on the 6th string (E):

Michael: Here's our first exercise using pull-offs in the scale pattern.

Michael: Now try practicing to these looping tracks.

Lesson 1 - Exercise 1 - slow loop

Lesson 1 - Exercise 1 - fast loop

Michael: You can pick the file is at your skill level, how many of you can play the fast version?

Rhinosaur: Kinda in between the two.

GINGER: In between

Michael: Now let's try another exercise.

Michael: This sequence descends the scale pattern while jumping notes. Notice you still play the open notes in between. Here's two tracks you can try to play over:

Lesson 1 - Exercise 2 - slow loop

Lesson 1 - Exercise 2 - fast loop

Michael: This is an excellent exercise, does anybody remember the double harmonic (gypsy) scale we covered last lesson?

GFSalles: I remember!

eddie: Loved this scale!

Michael: We'll try the same type of runs using that scale, here's the same sequence we used for the E Minor.

Michael: It's basically playing the scale pattern and playing open notes in between, here's some tracks you can practice over:

Lesson 2 - Exercise 2 - slow loop

Lesson 2 - Exercise 1 - fast loop

gary: It's even cool played backwards.

Michael: Great idea Gary, that's the idea is to start making up your own practices. Here's using the E Double Harmonic with a descending run.

Lesson 2 - Exercise 2 - slow loop

Lesson 2 - Exercise 2 - fast loop

Michael: Now let's break these down into licks that follow the progression, our first lick is in E Minor.

Michael: This lick has a cool sound, Dick Dale has the sound in his recent music as well. You can play the same lick on the A string when the chords of the progression changes to the IV.

Michael: Same lick, now try playing along with this jam track that uses the I and IV.

Lesson 3 - Lick 2 & 3 - Slow Loop

Lesson 3 - Lick 2 & 3 - Fast Loop

Michael: Now you can play the progression using B, C, D, D# to end the phrase, what you'll play is a series of major arpeggios:

eddie: Using the same string but different scale?

Michael: Actually using the 6th, 5th and 4th strings, same pattern though while you move positions on the neck. Now you can play the entire progression using the jam tracks.

Jam Track 3 - Slow

Jam Track 3 - Fast

Looping Jam Track - Full Progression

Michael: The last jam track shows how all the parts come together. Time to go class, see you next lesson.

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