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British Heavy Metal - Deep Purple

Lesson Sample

Main Riff Jam Track

The roots of British Metal can be traced back to the late 60's, early 70's with Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and tonights feature Deep Purple.

Teacher: Deep Purple formed its sound around the vocals of Ian Gillian, the keyboards of Jon Lord and especially the guitar playing of Richie Blackmore. Let's look at a couple of chord ideas then dive into the riffs.

G Power Chord + Inversion
Riff C

Teacher: The first bar shows a standard G 'power chord'. It is a chord stripped down to its two strongest notes, G and D, also named Root and 5th by their position in the G scale.

Teacher: The second bar shows the same two notes but their order is reversed. This 'inversion' is often used in place of the standard power chord. 'Smoke on the Water' is a prime example using this shape. We will explore inversions through out the series as the groups featured use these in their two guitar attacks.

G5 + 'Power' Gm7
Riff D

Teacher: This riff shows the two inversions stacked in the first bar for a three string shape. The second bar shows the inversion moved to strings 3+4 and are often used in place of the 5 chord for a 'power minor 7th' chord. The break in the tune feature both

Fuzavue: How do you mute the A string on the power minor 7th chord?

'Break' Riff
Riff A

Break Riff

Use the thumb for the 6th string and let tip mute the 5th. Or try the 2nd finger for the 6th string, 3rd finger for the bar on strings 4-3-2. Blackmore favors the thumb.

Bb Chord + Inversion
Riff E

Teacher: Here is another inversion. Instead of playing the root of the Bb chord, leave it out.

Teacher: These 'slim-downed' chord voicing sound better than some of the full voicing using the heavy distortion characteristic of the style.

Teacher: Here is the main riff.

Main Riff

Main Riff

Here's a looping sound clip to practice to or jam over with the next licks.

Main Riff Jam Track

Solo 1
Riff F

G Minor Pentatonic

Teacher: The notes of the lick come out of the G minor pentatonic

Solo 2
Riff G

Diagonal Pattern - Pentatonic

Teacher: This is a sliding, or diagonal, pattern of the Minor Pentatonic that the second lick comes from.

Solo 3

Teacher: Back to standard pentatonic shape for the last lick.

Solo 4

Teacher: This last run uses some single string pull-offs in the pentatonic.

Teacher: OK. More metal mayhem from the Priest. Judas Priest that is.

Am7 Jam Track

Teacher: Here is another jam track using the power minor chord up two frets for Am7. For your jamming pleasure. Move the scales and licks up two frets. Get used to moving these ideas around to different keys.

Teacher: Here are some typical Blackmore phrases and solo ideas.

Bending Lick
DP Bending Lick

Teacher: Another typical Blackmore bending lick. Interval pattern - A minor Scale.

Bending Lick 2

A minor scale sequence + intervals

Teacher: As a final part of the lesson try to transpose these ideas down to F# minor. Here is a jam track.

F#m7 Jam Track

And here is the last lick moved to our new key.

F#m  minor lick - Transposed from A minor

Sequence Pattern - A Minor Scale

3rds Interval Pattern - A minor scale

Arpeggio Lick

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