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Lesson Sample

Lesson Subject

Teacher: Hey everyone. Sorry to be late...

Rich: Hi

bart: hi Storm

paul: hi

Blake: no problem

Teacher: Hi. I am going to change up the lesson plan tonight. We are going recap some interval ideas as they apply to creating rhythm guitar parts.

bart: sounds good

Teacher: Here is tonights jam track. In the key of good ol' C major

Looping Sound Clip 1

Teacher: Make that good ol' G major...

Rich: lol

Jam Track Chords G-C

Teacher: But both chords are in the key of C! But not for tonight. This is a I - IV progression in the key of G

Teacher: Taking a look at what we could do in a jam or group situation when another guitarist already has this 'cowboy chord' part covered.

Teacher: obviously. you were there. I might just recycle some lesson coming up. Practicing performing, putting off. yep

Teacher: This is a recap of a lesson from the intervallic guitar series I did a few lessons back.

Teacher: So where can we turn for rhythm guitar inspiration. Intervals, of course.

Teacher: Is everyone familiar with the term interval?

Rich: yep

harold: yes

Stratman: yes

Blake: y

Teacher: Defined as the distance between two notes, using the major scale as our 'measuring stick'.

Teacher: The G scale spells out G- A - B- C - D - E - F# - G.

Teacher: The distance from G to A defines a '2nd' interval. From G to B a '3rd' interval, etc. All the way up to the G note an 'octave' higher

Teacher: Lets look at a riff using 2nd intervals and then build on up.

2nd Intervals

2nds Audio Sample

Teacher: Here is an additional example of the use of these 2nd intervals.

2nd Intervals - Lick 2

2nds Audio Sample - Lick 2

Teacher: 2nds, being so close together have a somewhat dissonant sound. A clean sound might be the best choice in tone.

Teacher: Think of the harmonies to the 'Batman' TV theme. 2nd intervals.

Teacher: Now to a more harmonious interval. 3rd intervals.

3rd Intervals

Teacher: Chords are often built from 3rd intervals, as are many vocal harmonies

3rds Audio Sample

Teacher: They are great for creating your own harmony guitar parts. We'll check that out in a bit.

Teacher: Experiment with the patterns that you see forming out of the licks and create your own 3rd interval parts.

Teacher: Onto the angular '4th' interval.

eduardo: hi

4th Intervals

paul: hi

eduardo: how does it work?

Teacher: hi eduardo. Ask support for help.

eduardo: im new

eduardo: ok tnx

eduardo: ok

Teacher: Fourths have a very 'square' sound. Good with a bit more distortion. Think of the opening riff of 'Smoke on the Water' for an example of 4th intervals

Teacher: Now on to powerful sounding 5th intervals.

5ths Power Chords

bart: the power chord

Teacher: This would be a typical use of 5th intervals in a rhythm guitar part to beef up major or minor chords.

Teacher: We call this a power chord. Bart, to the head of the class.

Rich: reminds me of the cars

Teacher: Yeah, I had Elliot Eason, on the brain writing this I guess. Or whatever that guys name is. Someone could help me out?

Teacher: Not Ric Ocasek.

Teacher: sp?

eduardo: tab a solo

eduardo: pls

Teacher: Here is another 80's rock icon that uses 5ths as part of his style

5ths a la 'The Police'

Teacher: You can check out some archives on my site, Tonight is mostly rhythm guitar, eddie

eduardo: ok

Teacher: In a Andy Summers, 'Police' style for the last example.

5ths Police Audio Sample

5ths Power Chords Audio Sample

Teacher: Notice that some intervals have a sort of sibling relationship. That the distance from G to D is a 5th interval. But the distance from D up to a G is a 4th interval.

Teacher: This is the case with 3rds and our next intervals, 6ths.

6th Intervals

Rich: I'm trying to think through the theory here, shouldn't the 5ths riffs be in E?

Teacher: do you mean 6ths?

Rich: am i counting wrong?

Rich: lol

Teacher: 4ths and 5ths are to my ear both very strong, powerful, square sounding. 3rds and 6ths more melodic

Teacher: the G scale is G A B C D E F# G.

Teacher: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

Teacher: But we don't change key to use these different ideas. Still all the notes are from this same scale. Keeping everything within the scale is refered to as 'diatonic'.

6ths Audio Sample

Stratman: those 6th intervals sound like something clapton would do

Teacher: So to my ear 7ths are more dissonant. Like their counterpart 2nd intervals. Notice in the next example that I play the notes in single note fashion to help disguise this.

Teacher: Yep, right out of 'Tears in Heaven' solo.

7th Intervals

Teacher: first 2 bars G chord, last 2 bars C chord. And finally octaves. Very popular way to add beef to a single note line.

7ths Audio Sample


Octave Audio Sample

Teacher: Finally, let's look at a solo idea using intervals. For eduardo!

Teacher: Very simple line but we will stack intervals on top to create a Tom Scholz, Boston, 'More Than a Feeling and notes you can shack your finger at' kind of sound.

Teacher: shake

Melody Line - G Major Scale

Teacher: on top on this line we will stack a 3rd interval.

Harmony 3rd to Melody Line

Teacher: and next, add a 5th. Musical recipe, sounds like

Harmony 5th to Melody Line

Teacher: Note how the lines track each other down the scale, each moving to the next note.

Teacher: And finally an octave on top, like a cherry

bart: lol

Octave Harmony

Teacher: here's how they all sound together. Get three of your guitar playing pals together and work this out

Melody Line + Octave Harmony

Teacher: or enemies that play guitar. Sometimes you have to take what you can get.

Teacher: actually that last one had clip had just the root and octave.

Rich: the blend there is incredibly tight

Teacher: yep. you and 3 friends will fight over that one. Multi-tracking it yourself might be easier. Or pop for one of those fancy effect boxes

bluesguitarmp3: nice teach

bluesguitarmp3: thanx

Teacher: but nothing beats knowing your way around to build it yourself. Have a great week.

bart: thanks Storm

Teacher: I am in the middle of finishing some of my older archives. getting them ready for CD so I might be revisiting some older lessons in the coming weeks.

Teacher: you are most welcome. Take it easy and keep practicing!

Teacher: bye

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