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Lesson Subject

Teacher: Hey guys.

Lesson Sample

jp: hello

roger: hi

Jam Track (Key of C)

dh: hi

Teacher: Jam Track on the way.

Teacher: Tonight more Reggae Guitar. Looking at staight Reggae grooves, faster tempos. Use of interval patterns for licks, rhythm motifs and the use of delay

Quarter Note Chek

Teacher: The Jam Track for the lesson is in the key of C. Moving C-Dm-C-G.

leandro: hi

Chad: hi

Chad: brb

Teacher: The bassline for the track feature extensive use of the '5th' of each chord.

Chad: gettin my axe


Teacher: Axe required.

Chad: got it ^^

leandro: i too

Teacher: Here are some alternate voicings for the progression. If you have been following the lesson series you should be getting up to speed on your triads around the neck, major and minor

Alternate Voicings

ned: I have been working on it

Teacher: Good. Take tonights examples and experiment with other ways to play them using the chord voicings you've been working on

Teacher: The groove is at fairly fast tempo of 160 Beats Per Minute (BPM). The 'chek' rhythm stroke is being played on beats two and four to get you oriented.

leandro: I think I understood the latest, but this is mi first time in live lesson

Teacher: On the jam track just bass this time. Often will be doubled so good to learn the bassline, to

Teacher: Cool. Support has answers to all your software questions

Support: yes, whisper to me if you have questions on how to use the web site

Teacher: Again, the rhythm 'chek' stroke should be played with a downstroke, true to style

Chad: how is the Dm fingered?

leandro: no I'm right now, thanks

Chad: it seems so crowded

Teacher: A couple of rhythm variations coming

Teacher: up in 12th position?

Teacher: 13th?

Chad: 15

Chad: ya

Chad: 13th

Chad: 13/15/14/15

Teacher: right, a possible voicing. Different keys will make that one more practical. Spotlight the D note on the 2nd string and be able to move it for all root notes

Chad: k

Teacher: With so much space we can add interest with an extra eight note before and/or after the chek on 2 and 4.

dfgd: my fingers are too fat to play g on 10th

Extra Eighth Note

Teacher: I think an operation will be necessary.

dfgd: i was afraid of that

Teacher: Or use another voicing as a temporary solution

Chad: scott

dfgd: mmm .. such as?

Chad: bar 12, leave open space for 10

Chad: with another finger

Teacher: check back to earlier tabs 'alternate voicings'

Teacher: the G at the 7th position would work well

Extra Eighth Note

Teacher: resending that tab 'media clip problem

Rokfish: are many of these frasings easy to stop in most songs

Rokfish: spot

dfgd: i clicked something and moved the picture of the fretboard and now it wont fit back into its spot

Support: whisper to me if you have problems with the software

Teacher: Also cool is 'side-slipping'. Sliding below the chord and back to add temporary chromaticism and rhythm interest



Teacher: And you could play the eighth notes on both sides of the chek adding a syncopation typical of modern 'ska'.

8th Note Syncopation

leandro: all voices souns good

Teacher: With the previous three, keep in mind to not wander off your main rhythmic role of holding that rhythmic backbeat together. Simple and strong, first and foremost.

Diego: going back to the side-slipping. What are you sliding at the end if they are all the same notes/fret?

Teacher: Now some lead ideas. The Reggae style developed from a Jamaican take on American R&B. Notice the similar role of the guitar playing 'backbeats'

Teacher: Misprint, thanks for bringing it to my attention. It should show sliding down a fret to 6th postion, then back up.

Teacher: Similar lead ideas are incorporated. The use of 6th intervals sound very nice

6th Intervals (Key of C)

6ths Interval Lick

leandro: can I use 7ths and Maj 7ths in chords?

Teacher: The use of 3rd intervals has a similar sound

3rd Intervals - Strings 1+2 (Key of C)

Teacher: Very full and melodic

3rd Intervals - Strings 2+3 (Key of C)

leandro: I try to said CMaj7,Dm7,CMaj7 and G7,sorry from my bad English!

Teacher: A rhythm lick that is very common in this feel is the use of 8th note + 16th note +16th note

Teacher: Checking back on questions. I have 3 screens going so I miss them sometimes, often

Teacher: I use hybrid picking, pick and middle finger, for the 6ths. Not necessary though. Use the fingerings suggested for best muting by the left hand

leandro: my left is not updated?

Support: press the red down-arrow to go directly to the bottom

Teacher: C could be played as Cmaj7, Dm as Dm7 and G as G7. Next lesson we will be using more extended chords and how we can use simple triads to imply these

Rokfish: o so kinda make the useless string mute with the left fingers?

16th Note Skips

Teacher: right. then you could play them together like the 3rds licks

Rokfish: takes pratice and touch does it?

Pull-off Riff

Teacher: One last idea is the use of delay. This sounds great to add funky effect to your playing or to add a full sound on 'breakdowns' where the chek guitar drops out

Teacher: Here are two example of a triplet rhythm delay. The first in quarter note triplets

Quarter Note Triplet Delay

Teacher: The second in eighth note triplets

Eighth Note Triplet Delay

dfgd: mine doesnt play

dfgd: =[

Teacher: it's an mp3. mine does

dfgd: lucky you

Teacher: support might be able to help. You mean the delay clips, correct?

dfgd: i mean all of the clips

Diego: What type of delay are you using?

Chad: neither of the mp3's are loading

Chad: o well, im out

Chad: thanks for the help

Chad: cya

Teacher: ยท 60,000 divided by BPM = quarter note quarter note divided by 3 = 8th note triplets quarter note divided by 1.5 = quarter note triplets (or multiply 8th triplets by 2)

Teacher: it's a line 6 delay unit.


dfgd: is the version

Teacher: ok. i have to run. Any questions email me or post to me at the Riff forum. Thanks for hanging and I hope to see you next time

Teacher: Bye guys.

ned: thanks teacher

jp: thanks storm

darryl: thanks

leandro: thank you teacher

Teacher: you got it

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