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Live Interactive Guitar Lessons

bobby: hi teacher

Teacher: Hey bobby. Hi everyone. Reggae Lesson tonight

bobby: ya mon

Looping Jam Track (Key of Bb)

Teacher: Working on triads and their use substituting for more 'extended' chords, 7th and beyond

Teacher: The jam tonight is in Bb Major. Bbmaj7 - Dm7 - Cm7 - F7. A smooth pop, lover's rock sound

Marlon: dig it, ire ire mon

Chord Progression (I - iii - ii - V)

Teacher: Some common voicings there for the progression's 7th chords. Some more reggae approved voicings coming.

Bb Major Scale

7th Chord Voicings

Teacher: So in our first three lessons we explored triads extensively. In tonights 7th chords these could sound a little incomplete. Here is the progression using triads of the chord roots

Triads - Chord Progression

Teacher: But within our earlier 7th chords there lie triads inside that we can use to imply these more extended chords

bobby: more of a contemporary reggae sound right?

Triad substitutions for 7th Chords

Teacher: yep. Reggae has crossed into contemporary R&B, pop, rap, rock.

Teacher: Next week we'll finish the series with a contemporary upbeat ska track.

Major 7 Substitutions

Teacher: Here a some different possible uses of triads to imply different types of Major chords.

Teacher: Play just the top 3 or 4 strings. The Bb bass note is there for reference.

Major 7 Looping Track

Teacher: Then try over this Bb Major 7 vamp

Marlon: I've never done the live lesson before, i have to say that this is really cool

Support: thanks Marlon

Support: whisper to me if you have questions on how it works

Teacher: § Go up a major third and play a minor triad for a Major 7 (i.e. Dm for Bbmaj7) § Go up a major third and play a minor 7th for a Major 9 (i.e. Dm7 for Bbmaj9) § Go up a Perfect 5th and play a major triad for a Major 9 (i.e. F for Bbmaj7) § Go down a minor third and play a minor triad for a Major 6 (i.e. Gm for Bb6)

Teacher: The same idea can be used for Minor sounds

Minor 7 Substitutions

Teacher: This same lesson format can found on the Riff CD-ROMs. And you can take private lessons via the net, too

Teacher: Try these over this Minor chord loop

Minor 7 Looping Track

Teacher: for Cm

Marlon: Thats great, this lesson is better than the in person lessons i took years ago!

Teacher: And Dominant Chord. Here we come across a triad type not used before, diminished

Diminshed Triads (Key of A)

Teacher: § Go up a minor third and play a Major triad for a Minor 7 (i.e. Eb for Cm7) § Go up a minor third and play a Major 7th for a Minor 9 (i.e. Ebmaj7 for Cm9) § Go up a Perfect 5th and play a minor triad for a Minor 9 (i.e. Gm for Cm9)

Teacher: Meant to send that before talking about the next chord type

Dom. 7 Substitutions

bobby: sorry... are we in the key of A or Bb now?

bobby: are the previous jam tracks in Bb?

Teacher: The overall key is Bb. Looking at the three different types of 7th chords we had Bb Major 7, C minor 7 and F Dominant 7

Teacher: The progression is in the key of Bb. The notes in the key are Bb - C - D - Eb - F - G - A.

bobby: oh, ok

Teacher: Numbering them and analyzing the chord progression tonight's progression is 1 - 3 - 2 - 5 ( I - iii - ii - V7)

Teacher: clear as mud?

bobby: so I can play all those A dim chords with the jam track?

Dom. 7 Jam Track

Teacher: They really work best over the F7 chord. Try this jam track

bobby: got it

Teacher: Work on each type of chord seperately seems to help. Then try to apply them to the original jam track with all four chords.

Teacher: You might get something like this.

Triad Substitutions

Teacher: § Go up a major third and play a diminished triad for a Dom 7 (i.e. Adim for F7) § Go up a major third and play Minor 7b5 for a Dom 9 (i.e. Am7b5 for F9) § Go up a Perfect 5th and play a minor triad for a Dom 9 (i.e. Cm for F9)

Teacher: OK

Teacher: I have to run. Sorry I didn't have videos made but I will look to add them this week.

Marlon: nice job Teach

Teacher: Have a great week everyone.

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