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Storm Stenvold >> Eric Clapton style >>
Lesson Subject: Eric Clapton Style
What you learn: Part 5 - Eric's Solo Era
Teacher: Storm Stenvold

Storm: More Eric Clapton Style tonight covering his solo period stuff from the 70s. Here's a jam track you can play over for the coming licks.

Sergio: Was that the Cream period or after?

Storm: After Cream.

Clapton Jam Track

Storm: In the key of E. Moving between the E barre chord.

E Chord

Storm: ... And the D barre chord.

D Chord

Storm: They are both major chords. The same bar chord shape just moved down by two frets. This makes this an easy pattern to teach to someone. Great for a  jam night. Here is a tab of the riff.

Storm: By looking at these within a key center, E would be the V chord and D the IV chord. Similar to treating this as a blues in E.

brt: It's hard to move the chords around that fast.

Storm: Start slow and in time. Once your fingers know what they are supposed to do, try slowing down the riff with the software and play along. Here's a common pentatonic pattern. Clapton favors this one as do many other players.

Storm: One way he might work this is with bends.

Sergio: Hey Teacher, which pickup is Clapton using?

Storm: Clapton would use all the pickups, also using a wah pedal at time for filtering the tone.

Unison Bend - Strings 2+3

J1zMak: Can I move that same scale up and down the neck?

Storm: You can move that pattern up and down the neck but it works best to match the key you are in. Here's another bending lick, the first was using a unison bend.

This is a cool pattern to break out of the standard boxes. Practice it ascending.

Storm: The circle is the root note, key note of E. Then descending:

Storm: Here is a lick using the descending pattern we just learned.

Sergio: Does Clapton mix arpeggios with pentatonic Teacher?

Storm: Clapton is really a pentatonic kind of guy. Arpeggios in the rhythm playing, so a bit. Here is a major pentatonic pattern, also sliding through positions.

Storm: This riff slides up through an E arpeggio then down the minor pentatonic.

adff: What are the first few notes in 4 sergio lick?

Storm: First notes are right out of the E chord. Next lesson, Clapton acoustic style!


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