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Vintage Guitar Magazine Presents:

by Wolf Marshall

Subject: Carlos' Latin Rock

Our first example is in G minor and contains a number of trademark Santana traits – truly a rainbow of approaches. The opening line in bars 1 and 2 is based on the G Dorian mode and moves down the first string in stepwise motion. Carlos keeps the line from becoming monotonous by playing it as a syncopated rhythmic figure. In bar 3 we find a classic Dorian mode pattern decorated with pull offs and hammer ons. The closing section in bar 4 is a nice contrasting blues phrase in G minor pentatonic filled with string bends and pull-offs. The influence of B.B. King can be immediately felt in this passage. 
Give this one a semi-distorted tone and use the guitar’s bridge pickup for some treble bite. The entire lick is played over an animated Gm7-C7 vamp, a favorite Santana rhythm figure, and merges Latin and rock feels.

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