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Assistant says: I would like to introduce our MC, Wolf Marshall!

Wolf says: Thanks all. Enjoy the event

RG says: Is this kinda stuff done by ear, or knowledge of harmonic movement?

JimmyB says: The most knowledgable guy on the planet when it comes to EVERY type of gutar music !!!!

JimmyB says: guitar music. Wolf you are the best

Wolf says: Thanks Jimmy

JimmyB says: Rg to answer your question : it's a little bit of both and a lot a luck

Wolf says: That track was from Wheat Thins on Jimmy's debut album

Terry says: Jimmy, your new "Benny" has a ebony tailpiece as opposed to the stock metal stop-piece. Did you try both before settling on the ebony?

JimmyB says: Yes I did.. and surprisingly the ebony has more sustain

Terry says: How is the depth of tone question, given the size difference between the "Benny" and your other Benedettos?

JimmyB says: Terry the Benny has a more electric , solid body sound as opposed to the archtops

Terry says: You are by far the heir to the Joe Pass lineage of terrifyingly gorgeous music. Any new albums in the works?

JimmyB says: I am currently working on a new CD that's going to be different from the rest

JazzGuitPA says: what song is the clip of?

Wolf says: I am making a series of jazz guitar book-CDs now

Don says: You'll have them on your site, right?

John says: Jimmy - Do you have any transcriptions of your stuff in the works?

JazzGuitPA says: Jimmy, when is you book going to be finished

JimmyB says: evan it's almost ready..I am so busy that it is taking longer than expected

Wolf says: Yes

zane says: when are you booked back to Seattle?

JimmyB says: There's my good friend Bobby watson

John says: Do you have any plans to play in Phoenix?

JimmyB says: Zane.. I don't have anythng booked yet. I've taken sometime off from traveling for a while to finish a new CD

JimmyB says: Where is there jazz in Phonix? Are there any festivals

Don_Price says: that clip from "burnin" CD?

Wolf says: No Sleight of hand

John says: The closest festival would probably be in Sedona - Red Rocks Jazz Festival

JimmyB says: Thanks for the info

jim says: Jimmy, any chance we'll see you playing at the Montreal Jazz fest?

JimmyB says: Maybe this summer I'll travel again.

JimmyB says: In 2 weeks I goto Beirut Lebanon

Ken says: Jimmy, do you use basic triads very much? As rootless voicings?

Amy says: Billy wants to know if you need his boys from Miami to go with you?

JimmyB says: Ken... yes for example if it's a Gm7 I might play a Bb triad or a dmin triad etc, or apeggiate the thing with triads

JimmyB says: arpeggiate...sorry for the typing

Don_Price says: Jimmy, your take on rhythmic phrasing?

Don_Price says: Let's talk more about the arpeggio approach Jimmy.

Jerry says: to master this technique what would be best to study to learn chord substitutionor whatever the best term would be

JimmyB says: I don't have any predetermined ideas I just play what I hear. Some people have told me that they hear a big band when I do chord solos...comes from Buddy Rich I think

Don_Price says: Superimposing diatonic arpeggios over chord changes, correct?

JimmyB says: Learn jazz harmony inside out...Learn what to leave out of the chords. Most people put in too many notes in the chord...I play only part of the chord and voice it like a piano

John says: Also sounds a little like Wes when he did his chord solo things...

JimmyB says: also learn fingerboard harmony

JimmyB says: All too often guitar players are playing a shape for the chord without knowing the notes

pmfan57 says: how do you distinguish Fingerboard harmony from Jazz harmony

JimmyB says: With some harminy studies you can't do that, so you gotta know what notes you are playing

JimmyB says: Learn to think in 2 voices or three

Jerry says: like a joe pass or am i on the wrong track

JimmyB says: fingerboard harmony is when you think in voices and not chord shapes

Don_Price says: It's not so much technical, but your sense of melodic phrasing that totally distinguishes you - in my opinion.

Ken says: When you say fingerboard harmony do you mean know the relationships of each note to the chord, 9th 7th etc.

JimmyB says: Don, that's a nice compliment..I don't know how to answer

Don_Price says: Jimmy, I can feel the rhythm flow in your soloing -not just the energy.

JimmyB says: Ken. not exactly but more like if the chord is a G13-9 I might play three notes from there and (here's the thing) depending on what the next chord is, is to move the voices with good voice leading

John says: Fingerboard Harmony - like knowing which note of the chord is resolving to which note of the chord you are going too?

Ken says: Have you worked this things out so you have a zillion ways to play a G7 to C for example?

JimmyB says: In the example above a note is moving through the chord.

Don_Price says: Moving from the simple to complex, and back again. All you really need is two notes to "hear" a chord; hence the term partials, correct?

pmfan57 says: partials are the upper partials, all you need to distinguish a chord however is the seventh and third

JimmyB says: Ken.. that's the type of exercises I did for many years. In all 12 keys and all string sets so that I can hear it in my head. It's seems easy to me because I can play what I hear in many voices at once It's a lot of practice

JimmyB says: the example shows a way from A7 to D9

Wolf says: That is Night Dreamer from Like That

pmfan57 says: me, too. was there harmony behind that in the original.
Wolf says: The thing that strikes me about this excerpt is the sheer beauty

Wolf says: In this excerpt Jimmy is really working with the minor mode. Great example of Harmonic Minor and passing tones

JimmyB says: this example hs a lot of min/Maj sound to it

pmfan57 says: this is cool, Jimmy. is it supposed to have harmony with it?

JimmyB says: don't think so.. I think it is just a line

pmfan57 says: is that Shorter's Night Dreamer?

JimmyB says: No it is an original

JimmyB says: NItedreamer

pmfan57 says: the neck option is way cool. did you supply the fingering, Jimmy?

JimmyB says: No Wolf did allthat and did it amazingly accurate

pmfan57 says: Wolf's amazing. His Pat Martino stuff is legendary

Wolf says: Thanks. But check Jimmy's video for fingering insights

JimmyB says: Wolf knows where I play thing better than I do !!!! LOL

Wolf says: Jimmy, do you change your tone for this sort of approach?

JimmyB says: Wolf,,, I set the volume knob back a it to get a softer tone

Wolf says: The volume...not the tone control?

Assistant says: Jimmy is that a Polytone amp?

JimmyB says: yeah... the volume not the tone

Don_Price says: Some of this is amazing - did Wolf choose the fingerings for the tab play?

JimmyB says: Wolf has amazing ears he got all of right

Henrik_Larsen says: Jimmy, This entire line is played in 8th notes?

Ken says: How would a beginner approach "Fingerboard Harmony"?

Wolf says: Yes, based on watching Jimmy for years

JimmyB says: i think there are 16ths. The tempo is slow

Don_Price says: Jimmy These are nice lines!

Wolf says: It is 16ths mostly

JimmyB says: there was a question about fingerboard harmony ? and something else

Ken says: How would a beginner approach fingerboard harmany?

JimmyB says: I really like this cut You know I don't like them all

JimmyB says: Ken, take a ii - - V - i and for example Dm7 G7 CMa7 and start with an F triad and move one voice at a time

joesilver says: Jimmy, are you extremely self-critical when you listen to your own recordings?

Don_Price says: please discuss any concepts you have for approaching the solos.

JimmyB says: Wow !!! I never listen to my stuff... I'd quit playing. Going to the mixes is torture for me

JimmyB says: Don,, this tune ues a lot of min/Maj chords so I use a melodic minor and all it's triads with some bluesy stuff thrown in

JimmyB says: Wheat thins let it fly

Wolf says: It is also a beautiful example of mixing notes with Harmonic Minor

JimmyB says: Once again Wolf you are 100% correct

Don_Price says: Are you taking the 5th of the dom as the start for your melodic minor departures?

JimmyB says: that I couldn't tell you without seeing the music let me give it one more listen

JimmyB says: I think it starts on the root

JimmyB says: Don,,, Wolf may have a better answer for you

Don_Price says: What's that Wolf?

Wolf says: The fifth of the dom in Cm being D from G7 chord?

Don_Price says: OK...then it's acting like a non-functioning or static?

Wolf says: The activity in the line comes from the B note leading tone and chromatic passing notes. To my ear

JimmyB says: I agree with Wolf

Wolf says: And I love the final interval jump!

JimmyB says: that's what I hear mostly is the "B"

Wolf says: It's just such a musical phrase

Don_Price says: I'm a bit confused now, I've been listening to the five-part tab, correct?

joesilver says: That minor major 7 sound is really cool.

Don_Price says: Yes, mi/Ma sound makes sense.

Wolf says: The phrase from Night Dreamer, slow ballad in C minor?

JimmyB says: Don,, you have the correct tune

JimmyB says: I just realixed that the line is played without a pick ...that's why you hear atone difference Wolf

Wolf says: That's it!!!

JimmyB says: Bring on the next file ortune

JimmyB says: or tune

Wolf says: It has a tone almost like Pat's on The Visit...ebony pick

JimmyB says: yes I guess it does Wolf

Wolf says: Yeah, next one

JimmyB says: anything else on this clip ?

Don_Price says: Jimmy, what do you think of using wider intervals to imply chords in solos - somewhat like the fourths approach by Joe Diorio?

JimmyB says: Wide intervals are great if they outline the chord. I have found that wide intervals swing in a different way... not as strong as traditional lines

JimmyB says: you have to play over the barline to make it work... it's kinda like what I am currently playing

JimmyB says: yeah iguan's has that type of playing

Don_Price says: I just picked up Birdland and the other CD with Howard Alden - a distinction between these recordings ?

JimmyB says: well for one the style of jazz is miles apart

JimmyB says: The thing with Howard was more subtle and less free

JimmyB says: is that Wheat thins?

Don_Price says: Why the name Wheat Thins?

steven says: Which CD is this from? I only have Birdland...

JimmyB says: Whaet thins ... a long story that has no relevence to the music

JimmyB says: I'll be happy to answer it later though

JimmyB says: Sleight of Hand

Don_Price says: Technology and music. In jazz? What would Miles say? Jimmy, name your favorite six jazz guitarists.

JimmyB says: Good question Don.I have to think about it for a moment

JimmyB says: do they all have to be jazz players?

Henrik_Larsen says: Miles would probably approve. Wynton might not though!! :-)

Steve says: not for me

Don_Price says: Well, no, but in our genre.

JimmyB says: do they all have to be jazzers???

Don_Price says: Whomever touches you musically.

JimmyB says: well there's a classical gutarist that plays very modern stuff his name is Pablo Cohen so he's definitely one of the 6

Don_Price says: 1 down, 5 to go. Next...

JimmyB says: Eric Clapton touches me on some things

Don_Price says: Early Clapton?

JimmyB says: Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Hank GArland

JimmyB says: how many is that

JimmyB says: Yea early Clapton

JimmyB says: and then there is BB King

JimmyB says: what a feel

JimmyB says: Tal farlow

Wolf says: How about Howard Roberts?

JimmyB says: Johny Smith

Don_Price says: Wes- of course. Joe - certainly. Tell me about Hank.

JimmyB says: Pat Martino how could I forget wow Pat's a genious

Don_Price says: BB King - I opened for him in 79 when I was a young kid into the blues.

JimmyB says: Alvin Lee of ten years after

Don_Price says: Howard Roberts great.

JimmyB says: It's hard because there are so many

Don_Price says: Pat Martino and Jimmy run neck to neck you know what I mean.

JimmyB says: If I had to name the 6 most influencial to me they are

JimmyB says: Hank Garland, Joe Pass, Tal Farlow, BB King

JimmyB says: Segovia

JimmyB says: and

Don_Price says: Alvin Lee? My influence from him was on an early "live" album" with his band playing a Woody Herman tune -Woodchoppers ball I think>

Don_Price says: Segovia - yes.

JimmyB says: Eric Clapton

joesilver says: Two of your favorite guys are blues-rockers? I wouldn't have expected that!

JimmyB says: The 6 most influencial musicians is more informative

Don_Price says: Far more than six - I was just curious regarding the inner desire that motivates you learn something when you first are exposed to it.

joesilver says: I see...I see the distinction.

Steve says: Doesn't every great guitarist get asked who his influences where?

JimmyB says: The 6 most influencial musicians for me are Stravinsky, Ravel, Coltrane, Parker, Oscar, Beethoven, Mozart

Don_Price says: That's musically/politically correct answer.

JimmyB says: it's a good question I really had to think about it. It gets asks in interveiws all thetime but I never have to time to think about it

JimmyB says: I will say what I believe is true even if it happens to be an unpopular opinion

Henrik_Larsen says: Jimmy, Would you mind commenting a litle on the Wheat Thins clip?

Assistant says: ok all here comes Iguana's Uncle

JimmyB says: sure..this tune is like a blues and rhythm changes fused toether.There's more examples of small chord voicings that you can play as if they were single notes

Don_Price says: great! That's what you should do! Tell me about playing with Tommy Dedesco in L.A.

JimmyB says: The clip uses mostly three note chord.. If you watch the fingerboard you can see them

JimmyB says: watch the fingerboard you can see the three note chords and see how I use triads over bigger chords

joesilver says: ...Are you playing those quick changes back and forth with slides or with two different left hand fingers?

JimmyB says: two different fingers]ings no slides

JimmyB says: Wolf has the correct fingerings

Don_Price says: I hear some strong R&B coming from your swing blues playing sometimes.

Henrik_Larsen says: What is the harmony/cords behind?

JimmyB says: I love R&B. Sometimes I miss playing other types of music I played a lot of rock in my time when I was young and later on in the studios and in Vegas when it's good rock and it's sincere I love it as much as any music... classical , jazz, country whatever

JimmyB says: the chords are F Dm7 Gm7 C7 F F7 Bb Bbdim Amy7th ????

JimmyB says: yeah those are the chords from bar? Hang on

JimmyB says: from bar 3 ofthe example starts with F

JimmyB says: so it's F Dm7 Gm7 C7 F F7 Bb Bb diminish Am7 D7 Gm7 C7 that's it

Don_Price says: Jimmy: F major or minor (the I chord)?

JimmyB says: F Major

Don_Price says: Thanks!

Henrik_Larsen says: I got it. It's burning!

Wolf says: Amazing

JimmyB says: I think they are talkingabout wheat thins

steven says: I've got it. Very HOT!

JoeNovack says: I'm getting dizzy watching the dot on the fretboard as we speak

Wolf says: Check the blend of inside and outside playing in the pjrase

Don_Price says: Wolf: you must have had fun with this transcription.

Wolf says: It was fun

Don_Price says: I asked you a question about the line we just heard.

JimmyB says: what is that from

Don_Price says: Wheat Thins I preseume.

Don_Price says: Iguana? Sorry.

Wolf says: The track is from Iguana's Uncle from Like That

Don_Price says: Yes - arhythm section.

JimmyB says: it is

JimmyB says: it's some min9th arpeggios then goes up 1/2stepthen chromatic stuff

Wolf says: Is thatsweep picking?

Don_Price says: I still hear a definite "bebop" style in there - a melodic motif - short, but there!

JimmyB says: Yeah, that's whatthey call it but I pick everythinnk that way most ofthetime

Wolf says: Hard Bop

JimmyB says: sometimes I might use all downs for an effet

Wolf says: Whatever's musical to your ear?

Don_Price says: Was your "sweep" picking approach from Tommy Tedesco's "economy" approach?

JimmyB says: I pick everything that way but sometimes I might use all downs or 2 downs where I'd usually use up domw

JimmyB says: No I always played that way

JimmyB says: My fathershowed me that when I was a kid

Don_Price says: fantastic!

Wolf says: Ah, that's right gliss picking was popular in all jazz guitar

Wolf says: Tal, Kessell, Christian

JimmyB says: I thought everyone picked that way

Don_Price says: Everything that's grown-up musically within a genre is now being marketed. How do you teach students to make the connection between rote and internalization?

JimmyB says: You know that idea comes from violin bowing not Frank Gambale

JimmyB says: good point Don.. I don't know

JimmyB says: good pont Don I don't know I wish I had the answer

Don_Price says: Franks stlye/technique is strictly for Frank - there's nothing new under the sun. Can I get an amen?

JimmyB says: good point Don I wish I had the answer

Wolf says: Not without a plgal cadence

joesilver says: Yeah, Barney Kessel was doing that stuff long before FG.

Wolf says: And Charlie Christian

Don_Price says: How about a false cadence?

JimmyB says: I brought that up because somestudent showed me an article where he(Frank)said heinvented it!!!

joesilver says: I never really noticed much sweep picking in CC's playing, Wolf. Can you cite an example?

Don_Price says: Charlie Christian - what have you gleaned from him Jimmy?

JimmyB says: Charlie... I haven't listen to much of him Im embarassed to say

Wolf says: I'll put it on my site. It would be a raked arpeggio

joesilver says: A particular tune?

JimmyB says: You know if you listen to a sax player you have to use that type of picking or you can't play the line

Don_Price says: RE: I know Frank. Frank only decided to work extremely hard on picking as much in the same direction for the effect of triadic and arpeggio connections - all else is commericial hype. Ask Chick Corea.

JimmyB says: And yet all the beginning guitar books have you play down up

Wolf says: Air Mail Special, Solo Flight...

Don_Price says: As it should be.

JimmyB says: I'll have to check that out

JimmyB says: got anymore clips???

Wolf says: Any time he raked an arpeggio it was the "sweep" style

Assistant says: I have E.V. ready to go

JimmyB says: let em fly

JimmyB says: good choice

joesilver says: What does E.V. stand for?

Don_Price says: From a technicians point of view - a systematic approach is almost demanded; on the other hand, to listen does not require anything from the player except to get the job done.

JimmyB says: E.V. is Craig Thomas' wife's initials

JimmyB says: Eve Daniels

JimmyB says: she is a singer and quite good

Don_Price says: Eve Daniels?

Don_Price says: Jimmy, is the Iguana piece fit the previous chord changes you listed? I may have missed them.

Don_Price says: Okay, sorry, let's hear EV.

JimmyB says: no I think it was Wheat thins

Don_Price says: What was ?

JimmyB says: no you were rith Igauna

JimmyB says: right

JimmyB says: it was iguana

Don_Price says: Iguana?

JimmyB says: yeah

Don_Price says: OK. Whas that line playing over an AABA change?

JimmyB says: no i don't think it was AABA

joesilver says: I like the way this clip starts in the lower register. I like to hear jazz guitarists use that area of the guitar's range.

Don_Price says: Sounded like some II-V's in there

JimmyB says: It's a minor II V the break is a G7 line

Don_Price says: is the first note C? (3rd fret/string 5)

JimmyB says: yes that's the oe

Don_Price says: Are we hearing the break line?

JimmyB says: yeah it starts with the break

Don_Price says: cool -smooth.

JimmyB says: yeah I used a Cm7 over the G7

Don_Price says: Wolf: You are making history transcribing jimmy - there's got be some history in the raw here.

Wolf says: Absolutely

Don_Price says: Jimmy: If you wer to play four on six (wes) - that line makes for a nice intro.

Wolf says: The history is being made in the access to Jimmy in this chat event

Don_Price says: Wolf: I've seen and used your materials with my always gets me how articulate you are and how well you "interpret" the players.

Wolf says: Thanks... it's music and I love it all

Don_Price says: Hats off to you!

JimmyB says: Yeah.. Wolf's the most knowledgeable guy on theplanet when it comes to this stuff

JimmyB says: I am amazed by him

JimmyB says: We met at Duqesnue

Wolf says: Thanks. It really is a pleasure

Wolf says: Cigar night with Michael Fath

Don_Price says: I had nightmares trying to transcribe Pat's solo on How Insensetive. I was thinking to do the same with Jimmy's solo on "Eternal Knowledge". That's hard work.

JimmyB says: Yeah cigars and Cognac

Wolf says: But the rewards are incredible

Wolf says: That was Jimmy's birthday night. It's a Pitt tradition

Don_Price says: Collaboration?

JimmyB says: we need to do that soon I imight be coming back to LA to finish Joh Leithams Cd

Wolf says: Looking forward to it

JimmyB says: what next guys

Don_Price says: Jimmy: Clinics in California perhaps?

JimmyB says: Yeah if I can set them up

Don_Price says: You're itenerary on the next few months?

JimmyB says: Well aside from going to Beirut, Lebanon I'll be at home tofinishthe music for the new CD

JimmyB says: There are a few gigs in NY city

joesilver says: When will you be in NYC?

JimmyB says: The JVC fest and a tribute to Johnny Smith..Butthose are just one-nighters

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