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JimmyB says: Where is everyone from/ I'm in Philly right now

Moderator says: Jimmy how's it going with your new CD?

DHenry says: I am from New York

Moderator says: Seattle

JimmyB says: Still working thenew CD

Steve says: I'm just outside of Cleveland.

Gman says: seattle

JoeNovack says: Central Virginia

JimmyB says: The new Cd is not like putting together the others

JoeNovack says: Jimmy, Did you go to Beirut?

JimmyB says: Okay Michael, where are you from?

MichaelStrah says: I am in Veracruz, Mexico

JimmyB says: WHere is Veracruz?

JimmyB says: What is it near?

Moderator says: very cool, is anybody in Europe?

MichaelStrah says: It is right in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico about 400Kms due east of Mexico City

JimmyB says: Any jazz there, Michael?

Steve says: This is a tough time slot for Europe...

MichaelStrah says: Yea, lots of Jazz there is a guy from Germany that plays at many of the cafes

JimmyB says: Do they ever book anyne from the states?

JimmyB says: I just returned from Turkey.. beleive it or not

JoeNovack says: Jimmy, did you go to Lebanon?

JimmyB says: The trip was fine but when I left they caught some guy that was involved with Kosovo and executed him

JimmyB says: then some serbs started throwing bombs uder buses

Ian says: Out of all your albums Jimmy, My personal favorite is "Like That" . You sure burn on Pat's house!!

MichaelStrah says: Jimmy, what label are you on?

JimmyB says: I'm on Concord records

JimmyB says: They have just released the 2nd night at Birdland

Ian says: Yea I saw that in this months Jazz Times. I will buy it a soon as the music store gets it in.

DavidH says: Jimmy, will you have the CD at the NY guitar show?

JimmyB says: This is the REAL Hank GArland everyone... Jazz WInds form a NEw Direction:

Hank_Garland says: Billy says Hi!

Ian says: Hank Garland is awesome. I heard he was getting back into playing.. ??

Hank_Garland says: The real one!

Hank_Garland says: some when friends come over

Ian says: the Hank Garland is here!! Holly S#@$

Moderator says: Jimmy can you talk about these CDs?

don_price says: Let's all listen to Eternal Triangle while waiting for Jimmy. I've got it on right now. Kind of sets the mood.

WesleyDick says: For anybody interested I have a clip of Jimmy's Move at my web site. With his permission, of course.

DavidH says: Gotta give us the url for that...

WesleyDick says:

JimmyB says: this was last year at the Danny Kaye Playhouse in New York

Moderator says: where was this concert?

JimmyB says: It was a tribute to Herb

Steve says: I got one.. is that you with Herb Ellis???

JimmyB says: This was taken at the end of the performance and we where trying to decide on what to play

DavidH says: Jimmy, are you playing the tribute to Johnny Smith at the JVC concert this year??

JimmyB says: We were also running out of time and the stage hands union was threatening to pull the plug!

JimmyB says: Yes I will be at the Johnny Smith tribute as well

DavidH says: Can't wait for that concert...I have been to the last two and both were fantastic

JimmyB says: Yeah thereare a lotof fun for the musicians because we getto hang out back stage most ofthe time

Ian says: Do you have any scheduled gigs in Canada coming up?

JimmyB says: It is a greatgig... we all only have to play one or two tunes

JimmyB says: Nothing in Canada yet

JimmyB says: I had a promoter there but she couldn't put anything together

JimmyB says: This picture is at last years Benedetto concert

DavidH says: Jimmy, are you playing the Benny exclusively now?

don_price says: the Benedetto Boys

JimmyB says: No I use it for certain tunes like the ones I writting now

JimmyB says: there are on the fusion side with some disrtion

DavidH says: How about at the upcoming LI guitar show?? will we hear the Benny?


don_price says: Fusion as in.....?

JimmyB says: Yeah i guess I will bring the Benny

JimmyB says: WHEn I go to gig I bring 2 Benedettos

joesilver says: Jimmy Bruno rocks out...Is nothing sacred?

Ian says: cool fusion

JimmyB says: NOw there's a jazz face!!!!!!

don_price says: Very colorful pic!

DavidH says: Is that now because you have the Benny or did you always bring two guitars?

WesleyDick says: Does using 2 bennys allow one to cool off between tunes?

JimmyB says: LOL

JimmyB says: No one is a 16 in the other is solid

JimmyB says: that's 16" the other is the Benny

Steve says: Solid... Fusion... What next???

DavidH says: Which is the 16, the one with the built-in pickup?? is your floating pickup a 17"

JimmyB says: I has a real dark sound and it seems to suit the type of lines that I'm playingthese days

Hank_Garland says: How many frets?

JimmyB says: There's a shot ofthe 16 in my house on a broken chair

don_price says: Fusion ala Scott Henderson, Mike Stern, McLaughlin, or something new we need to term the "bruno fusion project?"

Ian says: I noticed your string guage is really high (big strings) Is your action set relatively low?

JimmyB says: they both go up to a C#. I don't know how frets that is

don_price says: What a beautiful axe!

JimmyB says: bruno fusion

JimmyB says: It's not really fusion... I don't know what to call it

WesleyDick says: I notice no pick guard..

JimmyB says: None of my guitars have pick guards

JimmyB says: OOps except that one

DavidH says: Why no pick guards?

MJ says: LOL

JimmyB says: that's a 17 " but the pick guard is very small'

JimmyB says: i neededit to hold the volume knobs

marc says: its really for the volume control

WesleyDick says: Look at all the broken guitars!!

Steve says: Is that pickup mounted in the top or is it a floater?

DavidH says: LOL

JimmyB says: There's Bob with a broken guitar ... LOL

WesleyDick says: I'm sure he can fix 'em.

WesleyDick says: Good as new!

JimmyB says: That pick up on the 17 " is a floating one

JimmyB says: the 16" is built in

JimmyB says: and so is the one on the Benny

don_price says: Interesting

DavidH says: Jimmy, I hear you play with really high action?? Is there a reason?

Steve says: Do you have a strong preference??

Ian says: Is your string action set low for those huge strings you play on?

JimmyB says: Most people consoder the action high.

DavidH says: I guess that you don't consider it high?

JimmyB says: When I was learning I had a real old L% from the 40's no pick up

JimmyB says: I got used to playing the guitar like that so I got used to high action

WesleyDick says: Know the feeling. I learned on an old guitar out of Special Services ...left over from WWI

don_price says: how high?

DavidH says: Have you tried playing with lower action?

JimmyB says: Sometimes I pick very hard andI hate the pinging sound o fthe strings on the fretborra so Iraise the action

JimmyB says: For me it makes a rounder sound

don_price says: what amp do you have on screen?

JimmyB says: Also I think it makes theguitar sing a lot more accoustically as well as when it is plugged in

JimmyB says: That isa Raezer's edge speaker cabiniet with an 12" 200 watt EV

DavidH says: I see the Raezer's Edge cabinet... I played through Dale Unger's a few weeks back...What a sound! My 7-string sounded amazing!

don_price says: speaker cab only -what do you use for the power side?

JimmyB says: I think it would be really dumb to have a Benedetto and play itwith low action .. You won't get any of the sound of the guitar

JimmyB says: bob's guitars really sing and have a huge dynamic range

Hank_Garland says: Hank loves Bob's guitars

JimmyB says: If you put the strings right on the board you are only going to the pockup

JimmyB says: ickup which sound fine too!

Steve says: I see your pick, Jimmy. How thick is it?

JimmyB says: It's like a Fender extra heavy 1.5mm?

DavidH says: Where do you get those picks?

JimmyB says: D'ANdrea makesthen for me

DavidH says: Are they readily available?

JimmyB says: I don't think so

marc says: have you or anyone in here tried the KRADL

don_price says: what about strings?

JimmyB says: I use gauges 14-18-26-36-46-56-80

don_price says: flats? Nickel or otherwise?

JimmyB says: There's Bobby Watson at Chris's in Phila

JimmyB says: Oh they are round wound GHS and Tomastik

DavidH says: are you using the Thomastik 7-string??

JimmyB says: Here's a little secret. I wear out strings so fast that I don't know one brand from the other

JimmyB says: OOPs I shouldn't have said that

don_price says: Thomastik strings? Did I hear correct?

Steve says: LOL

MJ says: LOL

DavidH says: How oftern do you go through strings?

Ian says: lol

JimmyB says: Yeah sometimes but thomastik but I find them to be uneven

JimmyB says: theyare working on that though

JimmyB says: I think they are great strings

JimmyB says: But generally I use GHS

don_price says: Do you have a preference between cromes, stainless steel, or nickel?

joesilver says: BRB. I'm going to try the "all-purpose fix" for my browser problems: Re-boot!

JimmyB says: WOW. I think they are round wound

don_price says: high action and "round"?

WesleyDick says: Now that we're getting all of Jimmy's secrets we'll all play burnin

JimmyB says: IT says on the bok Dynamic alloy whateverthat means

JimmyB says: it says on the box dynamic alloy

JimmyB says: after one set they all sound the same to me

JimmyB says: I never use new strings to record. They haveto break in a least for 2 gigs

don_price says: flats or half-roundwound or straight wounds?

JimmyB says: rounfd know the nes that make noise

don_price says: Listening to MOVE on Jimmy's CD

DavidH says: which CD is MOVE on??

JimmyB says: Althouhg I did try half rounds GHS on the Benny I think I like it on that guitar

WesleyDick says: Live at Birdland.

don_price says: rounds I think. I require flats on my axe.

don_price says: Yes, Live at Birdland. Kicks!

DavidH says: I like those GHS half rounds

DavidH says: I wish they would make them in a heavier guage

don_price says: Nickel flats for me. Each to his/her own though.

don_price says: what's heaviest?

DavidH says: .12 - .54

JimmyB says: you knowo tell thet truth it doesn't matter what strings or picks or amps you use.. it is the music that counts

don_price says: OF COURSE!

JimmyB says: But I gotta say having a good guitar is really important

DavidH says: absolutely

Moderator says: OK first file is Bruno's Blues

JimmyB says: This is a typical jazz blues lick over a G7. The 1st three notes are from PArker

WesleyDick says: Amazing!!!

JimmyB says: notice that there is the plain 3rd ( B naturarl) and the flatted 3rd. So you see there is no such thing as a bllues scale... there is only a blues sound

JimmyB says: A b5 or a b3rd

don_price says: Cool lick!

Moderator says: Wolf wanted to point out the ascending G6 in the second bar

JimmyB says: later, some one looks at lines like this and says , oh yeah I think I'll say that is from a blues scale. Well, I never learned a blues scale in my life

JimmyB says: The theory comes after the music

Moderator says: it's interesting how you adopted the use of Jazz in a blues context

pmfan57 says: You may have never learned a blues scale on purpose, but you must have just by listening to Charlie Parker records, right?

JimmyB says: Truthfuly , I think most jazz educations is a lot of BS

Ian says: lol

JimmyB says: I never learned a blues scale. When I was learning there were no jazz books... and thank god because if there was I wouldn't be able to play

don_price says: "education(s)?

Steve says: I do... I've already copped that lick.

DavidH says: It's nice to hear you say that....I get e-mail from a listserv that has all educators on it...I don't know how they have time to play with all of the time they spend theorizing

JimmyB says: If you learn the fundamental scales and arpeggios you can make them sound and do whatever you like

don_price says: you must "feel" and hear the blues to play it!

pmfan57 says: what fundamental scale do you fool with to get the blues scale?

don_price says: That's personal education right there.

Moderator says: I love the G 13 (add 9) chord at the end

don_price says: We are being educated right now!

JimmyB says: I use a major or a mixo-lydian and lower the 3rd or a natural rd... same as with the 5th

Moderator says: ok everybody here's a bass and drum jam track for you to practice this line over

JimmyB says: or just think major and use the b7 as a passing tone

Steve says: I hear a little Charlie Christian in that lick.

JimmyB says: probably... but I was never a fan of Charlie christian

pmfan57 says: no flat fifth. usually the "Jazz" blues scale has the minor pentatonic plus the flat fifth

Moderator says: Jimmy can guide you on what lines to play

JimmyB says: pmfan you know more about thesescales than Ido

pmfan57 says: but you play 'em real gooder than me

pmfan57 says: and real fasterer

JimmyB says: LikeI said for me take a major scale and fool with lowering the 3rd or 5th or both. try putting bothtogether or as Wolf likes to point out ... leave out the 7th and use the 6th.. I guess that's where the pentatonic idea comes form

JimmyB says: comefrom

Moderator says: and your use of chromatic lines

JimmyB says: chromatics come from wanting to land on a chord tone at a certain beat

pmfan57 says: that seems to be the goal of a good line

don_price says: That last lick seems to be located in and around a 5,3,7,1 intervalic voicing in 10th position.

JimmyB says: you got itDON

JimmyB says: it's G7 with some scale tones

Steve says: 5V4, as the man says...

JimmyB says: one final thouhght ... the note B is surounded by a "C" and a Bb hence the chroamtic or hence the b3

Moderator says: do you see any chord or arpeggio outline when playing that style

JimmyB says: i see your tyyng

don_price says: Mixolydian, chromatic, minor pentatonic/blues lick. That's it!

don_price says: arps are always there, right?

JimmyB says: yes I see a G7tharpeggio and behind that a g7 scale or more real ... a C MAJOR scale with G-B- D_ F sticking out

JimmyB says: I only need 3 fingerings and I can play that lick anywhere on theguitar

JimmyB says: with 3 Major scale fingerings I don't need mixos

don_price says: You think "key area" or "parental" scale forms. Correct?

JimmyB says: I think of tonal centers andhow the chord isfunctioning in it's context. It really is very simple only academicains make it hard

don_price says: Jimmy - what guitar did you record that riff on?

Moderator says: Here's Jimmy's II-V or Not II-V

JimmyB says: that was the 16' Benedetto plugged into a board atWolf MArshalls house

Moderator says: Jimmy are you using sweep picking on the middle section?

JimmyB says: I'm always using "SweepPicking" I never know what that means

JimmyB says: If you mean keeping thedirection of the pick the same when switching strings... zI guess it is sweep picking

don_price says: Sounds more like extra fast triplet feel someplace midway in there.

Ian says: Sounds hard

Moderator says: it was an observation Wolf had on how you achieved the speed in the middle section

JimmyB says: I stole that concept from horn players

JimmyB says: they do that shit all thetime

JimmyB says: I hear the 1st blueslick in there too

don_price says: no triplets?

Moderator says: I hear some Coltrane in your playing at times

JimmyB says: yeah triplets

fernando says: Jimmy, are you going to have a book published on your music that you have written? I'm really interested in your song "Big Shoes".

JimmyB says: Mel Bay has a transcrition book do out that has Big Shoes

JimmyB says: that tune has the same changes as There's is no greater Love

fernando says: could you tell us a bit about Big Shoes?

Hank_Garland says: What is it called?

JimmyB says: I don't know what the title will be but I will send you one Hank

JimmyB says: There is also a lot of augmented stuff in that example

GrantG says: hi don. so what have we all learned from JimmyB today?

don_price says: LISTEN..LISTEN..LISTEN!

GrantG says: yah, i have been taking lessons w/ paul bollenback. he says the same thing:)

Support says: not to get caught up in theory all the time

GrantG says: i try to tape every gig, and every practice.

JimmyB says: tell Paul I said Hi he's a great player AND teacher

JimmyB says: we just did a gig together

GrantG says: I will. Who else did you play w/? He was just played w/ Joey D again. Jimmy. DO you have any plans to come to Blues Alley in DC anytime soon?

JimmyB says: are there any final thoughts, questions comments etc.

JimmyB says: next file

Moderator says: OK here's the file for "F8"

joesilver says: F8? That's the name of the tune?

JimmyB says: I like to do this it is a lot offun

JimmyB says: f8 is the name... lower case "f"

JimmyB says: if you sign my mailing list at my site you will be notified of upcoming chats

fernando says: Jimmy, will you be selling the Mel Bay book, or should I get it at the store?

JimmyB says: I guess I haven't gotten any copies yet but I can get some and put it on my site

fernando says: I would like to get one asap. Let us know on you mailing list>

joesilver says: What about previous chats, like the ones with Hank and the one with Frank Vignola? Will those be made available anywhere?

JimmyB says: I also haveafingering book that will ship May 15

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