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Wolf says: Hank Garland is one of the most eclectic, innovative and historically important guitarists in contemporary music. Equally adept at rock 'n' roll, country, jazz and pop, he was an integral member of the Nashville studio scene of the 1950s and played on hits by Elvis Presley, the Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jim Reeves, Patti Page, Webb Pierce and literally hundreds of others. That's him playing the tasty blues rock licks on Elvis'"Little Sister," doing twin leads with Chet Atkins on Don Gibson's "Sea of Heartbreak, and supplying the signature intro to "I Fall To Pieces." As a successful solo artist, Hank had a groundbreaking hit in 1949 with "Sugarfoot Rag"--which has since become a namesake favorite in country circles. By 1960 he was simultaneously handling busy careers in rock, pop and jazz fields. Hank's release JAZZ WINDS FROM A NEW DIRECTION was just that; a turning point in jazz guitar history.

Wolf says: It's a thrill to have you with us Hank

HankG says: Thank you very much Wolf

Eric says: yes thnak you Hank!!!!

Corey says: I'm totally pumped to have Hank here tonight.

Corey says: Hank before we get going, can you tell us little bit about the Birdland

HankG says: It's my pleasure

Wolf says: Here's a little background

Wolf says: Hank's contributions also include the world of guitar design. He developed one of the first thin-lineelectrics in history. In mid 1955 Gibson announced the release of the Byrdland guitar. This was touted as the joint effort of Hank and country star Billy Byrd. The Byrdland was revoltionary with its thin hollow body (2 1/4"), and short scale fretbaord (23 1/2"). It was a deluxe instrument with two pickups, fancy appointments and options comparable to the L-5CES. This guitar is still available today and remains a flagship offering in the Gibson line.

Wolf says: Hank can you tell us about the Byrdland guitar?

HankG says: I was playing my Stromberg at the time and Elmer got sick and died and Gibson knew I was playing this guitar & they had never heard of a short scale before so Gibosn asked me what kind of guitar would I like for them to make for me and I told them like my Stromberg or a thin L-5 with a short scale neck

JimmyB says: Hank, would you know what the scale is on the byrdland?

HankG says: the original was a 20 fret short scale same as my Stromberg

HankG says: then it went to 22 frets

Altchord says: HANKS BYRDLAND plays so easy

Wolf says: For those interested...

Wolf says: Hank Garland's music is available on two guitar books from Hal Leonard Publishing Corp. 1. THE GUITARS OF ELVIS guitar signature licks HL00696507 with CD 2. JAZZ GUITAR FAVORITES artist transcriptions HL00698999 with CD Check out the Hal Leonard web site at

joesilver says: Hank, when you met Tal Farlow, was he already playing a short scale guitar, or were you the one who influenced him to try it?

HankG says: I influenced him to play it but my friend Tal had very long fingers and didn't need to play it!

Wolf says: He was known as The Octopus!

HankG says: He was my close friend up until he passed

Corey says: Tal had the longest fingers I have ever seen on a guitar player.

tom says: He used his thumb a lot to fret the bass strings

Altchord says: Hank how long did you know tal,,,,howd you meet?

HankG says: I met him in 1950 in New York

Wolf says: Q: Hank, can you begin by telling us how the Nashville rock and pop studio scene of the 1950s began? And more specifically how did you hook up with Elvis Presley?

Altchord says: and your both from same neck of woods?

SteveL5CES says: Hank, How did you and Tal get those great harmonics?

JimmyB says: great picture ofHank and Elvis

HankG says: Wolf, that is when rock-a-billy was hot and when Elvis came along he called me to come to Memphis to his house and talk to him

JimmyB says: Hank what year was that taken

HankG says: 1957 Memphis.."Jailhouse Rock Concert"

JimmyB says: Hank Isee an old amp in the background of that picture. What was it? Looks like a Magnatone

JimmyB says: or an old Fender

HankG says: It was my Fender

Wolf says: Fender tweed?

HankG says: yes

JimmyB says: do you still have it?

SteveL5CES says: Hank, did yo ever have feedback trouble with the CC pickup? especially live?

Wolf says: Q: One of the outstanding guitar moments of your rock session career can be heard on "Little Sister." What was that session like?

HankG says: yes I do

Wolf says: Q: One of the outstanding guitar moments of your rock session career can be heard on "Little Sister." What was that session like?

HankG says: it was about 3;30 in the morning and everybody was tired!

Wolf says: You didn't sound tired!

HankG says: alot of energy was in the studio and alot of benzedrine!

Wolf says: We're sending a soundclip and TAB file of Little Sister

SteveL5CES says: Hank didn't you use a Jazzmaster for that recording? whatr did you think of it?

HankG says: it belonged to Harold Bradley

tom says: It must have been great playing behind such a great singer

HankG says: He was a very nice guy and another job for me!

JimmyB says: I can hear where Duane Eddy got his sound

HankG says: Duane used to hang out at my house!

JimmyB says: I also hear some mutting. Were you muting the strings on that track?

pmfan57 says: that little sister riff sounds way cool

Wolf says: "Little Sister" contains a signature guitar lick that made the tune. How did you create it?

JimmyB says: muting , I meant to type sorry

Wolf says: "Little Sister" contains a signature guitar lick that made the tune. How did you create it?

HankG says: you mean when I was laying my hand on top of the strings as I played?

JimmyB says: yes Hank

Wolf says: Yes that muting is perfect in the track

JimmyB says: wolf wnats to know how you came up with that lick

pmfan57 says: I wnat to know too

DS says: ya what was the thought?

HankG says: it came off the top of my head!

DS says: Wow

Eric says: wow, that sounds great!!!

JimmyB says: Did Daune Eddy come after this period?

DS says: Any influence?

HankG says: the real story is everybody was trying to get something special out of the song and Elvis said "Hank! Please help get me out of this!"

HankG says: this is how the song came out!

Wolf says: You definitely delivered

pmfan57 says: I think It's neat that you could play convincing rock, country and bebop

JimmyB says: Hank, did you ever run into Elvis when he was doing his Vegas thing?

joesilver says: It sounds as if Elvis was somewhat discriminating about musicians, and played an active part in choosing his sidemen. Would you say that's true?

DS says: How did the Elvis Gig come about???

KenBrown says: Hank do you remember Joe Bennett of the Sparkletones? He remembers you, and commented how you have a great sense of humor in your music. I agree. Some of your country licks in the jazz context were so much fun to listen to.

Eric says: great sound track Hank

Wolf says: Hank, to turn the topic to another forte...jazz.

Wolf says: JAZZ WINDS was a benchmark in jazz guitar music. How did that session come together?

pmfan57 says: especially the blues lick to start the second of chorus of all the things you are

JimmyB says: Jazz Winds.... still my favorite jazz gitar record

SteveL5CES says: There's a great Les Paul riff in that song that I love

Wolf says: One of the leading tunes on JAZZ Winds was "All The Things You Are." we're going to send out a representative sound file now .

JimmyB says: WHen I was young that was all I did. I wore that thing out

Wolf says: It is still a milestone in jazz guitar

JimmyB says: I wonder who are all those peole int that picture. Anyone got any ideas?

Wolf says: The last shot is of Hank with Everly Boros. Chet Atkins is in background

pmfan57 says: one is Hank, I reckon

KenBrown says: I really did the counterpoint in that All the things track . .

DaveM says: Then shiney suit must be an agent

pmfan57 says: Hank improvised that

KenBrown says: I wonder . . .Hank must have listened to Bach.

Wolf says: The other shot is of Hank with Roy Orbison and the Anita Kerr singers.

pmfan57 says: He said so in a previous chat

Wolf says: Only The Lonely session

JimmyB says: HAnk, we were trying to figure out who's in that picture

SteveL5CES says: is the guitar a Stromberg?

HankG says: Yes that is my Stromberg

DaveM says: did you and Gary Burton come together for the Jazz Winds session

pmfan57 says: such a cool album cover

KenBrown says: Hank, were all those guitars on the cover yours?

JimmyB says: There it is . One of the greatest jazz guitar records in the history of guitar

KenBrown says: That's for SURE!!

HankG says: Thank you Jimmy!

pmfan57 says: by maybe the greatest country players, too

joesilver says: Some psychedelic stereo effects, too! :)

pmfan57 says: player

pmfan57 says: yeah, Hank, what about that wierd panning on the stereo

SteveL5CES says: Hank, I love those guitars--was that your MG too?

HankG says: Yes, that was mine!

SteveL5CES says: What a beaut!

Wolf says: What an atmosphere in that photo

HankG says: thank you Steve

HankG says: It was my idea for the album cover done in my baCK YARD!

Wolf says: This is a classic break. The next soundfile

DaveM says: Hank..Gary was so young on this album, was he your discovery?

pmfan57 says: Hank, if you never played another thing, you'd be one of the great jazz guitar players. that first few measures is smokin'

MB says: Wow, that's a great improv!

JimmyB says: wow Hank what beautiful lines. Even to this day after hearing it over 1000 times it still makes me say "WOW"

DS says: Great Photo

Eric says: excellent!!

HankG says: Yes Gary came to Nashville with his mom and dad to the Carousel to hear me play and I told him in the summer time when he was out of school to come down and play with me

HankG says: he was a great player

DaveM says: You guys melted together so still blows me away!

Wolf says: Hank, the pic looks like a happy playback moment.

SteveL5CES says: Hank is it true you did that album in one take?

HankG says: Gary got so progressed during the session that he broke out in hives!

HankG says: yep!

JimmyB says: Hank who's in that picture?

DS says: Hives ?--LOL

DaveM says: Good! I hope we was nervous hangin' with the big boys! LOL

HankG says: Mort Thomoson, Me, Don Law, Gary Burton, Joe Benjamin, Joe Morello and Grady Martin

Wolf says: Hank can you tell us about your country roots?

HankG says: I started on the road with Paul Howard at the age of fourteen!

HankG says: I was far away from home playing western swing!

KenBrown says: Hank, what practice techniques allowed you to string together such long lines> Did you consciously work on that?

pmfan57 says: dig that crazy guitar

HankG says: practice and practice and lots of practice!

DaveM says: LOL

pmfan57 says: did you listen to charlie parker or any other horn players?

SteveL5CES says: Hank what to practice--scales modes, songs--

HankG says: yes I used to jam with Charlie Parker at the Birdland in New York in the early 50's

pmfan57 says: I'd love to hear recording of that

Wolf says: Hank. In country, the instrumental "Sugarfoot Rag"was a signature piece? We're going to send it out now. How did you come to write and record this song?

KenBrown says: After sitting in with "Bird", I'd want to practice, practice, practice! LOL

joesilver says: What is the instrument you're playing in this photo, Hank? It looks like a Bigsby.

HankG says: I was playing my Bibsby solid body that Paul Bigsby made for me

Ago says: do you think one chord at a time when improvising?

HankG says: this of course was before the solid body fenders!

Evan says: Hank, did you have a practice routine?

KenBrown says: Hank when are you starting your jazz guitar school? ;-)

KenBrown says: (Hint hint)

Corey says: Hank, how long have you been playing and do you still play?

HankG says: between working in the studio playing country & pop I played at the club..Jazz all night!

HankG says: I started at the age of 5!

HankG says: self taught and stole from everybody ...any lick that I could!

SteveL5CES says: Hank, I just found your two solo albums and MAN do I love them!!!! The Velvet guitar and the Unforgettable guitar--they are masterpieces!!!

Wolf says: For everyone's info the last track was the famous Sugarfoot Rag

HankG says: thank you Steve

Eric says: Great sound

Wolf says: "Sugarfoot Rag"was a signature piece? We're going to send it out now. How did you come to write and record this song?

Evan says: Hank, what are your favorite jazz albums?

SteveL5CES says: Hank--please do tell--how did you manage to get such beatiful voicings--your chord melody arrangements blew me away--

HankG says: It was a finger exercise I was working on!

Corey says: Hank, what is your impression of today's popular guitarists?

KenBrown says: Hank did you have any mentors along the way?

HankG says: I listented to DJango Reinhardt and Charlie Christian lots!

Wolf says: Hank we're coming to the end of our time. I can see that we'll have to do this again soon. Is there anything you'd like to add?

HankG says: It's been my pleasure to be hear and I thank everone that joined in

Wolf says: Thank you for your participation and the priceless time together.

DS says: Thanks Hank

JimmyB says: wolf , you did a great job

DaveM says: We love you Hank! God bless you!

KenBrown says: Thank you SO much Hank!! your the greatest!

joesilver says: Thank you, Hank! I think we all appreciate you taking time to chat with us.

SteveL5CES says: Thank you Hank--you are a great inspiration!!!

Ago says: Thank you Hank!!!!

Eric says: Thank you Hank...I really appreciates this..its great

TC says: Thanks Hank

HankG says: Thank you Wolf, Jimmy and all of my friends!

JimmyB says: a great job by all invloved. This is an amazing thing

DaveM says: Yes Wolf, this format is incredible

joesilver says: Thanks Jimmy, Wolf, and folks at Microsoft!

JimmyB says: HAnk, you are still the best !!!!!!

Wolf says: This has been historical!!

DS says: Great show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TC says: thank hank, Luv Ya

HankG says: Medium gauge! and some of the rock and roll..the third string a banjo string!

SteveL5CES says: Hank-Which do you like better p-90's or the CC pickup's

HankG says: Charlie Christian!

SteveL5CES says: Did you ever try Alnico's

HankG says: yes I did Steve

SteveL5CES says: did you like them??

HankG says: yes I did

SteveL5CES says: Hank--I loved you version of autumn Leaves--How did you get those great sounding chords??? practice. experiment ??

Corey says: Hank, what is your impression of today's guitarists and are there any you like to listen to?

KenBrown says: The whole history and connection linkec by the love of jazz . .


SteveL5CES says: Hank--how did you learn those great chord melodies??????

SteveL5CES says: Thank you--trying to learn your stuff seems impossible to me--but I continue on. Maybe one day it'll click for me

HankG says: Your CD is great!

Dawn says: You are very welcome, coming from you means a lot to me Hank, thank you Very much Hank and Amy

TC says: Hank Did you ever jam with Joe Pass?

HankG says: We played it for some of our friends today..they liked it too!

HankG says: I don't think I did

Corey says: Hank, you have to consider yourself part of the roots or rock and roll. Did you ever imagine it as it is today?

SteveL5CES says: Hank God has truly blessed me!!!!! If I can arrange to just shake your hand that is good enough--you truly are an inspiration for me as a player--listening to you and Larry really got me hot to play like you two

HankG says: Thank you Steve!

HankG says: no I never imagined rock and roll as it is today

KenBrown says: So Hank what do you think of starting a

KenBrown says: guitar school?

SteveL5CES says: Hank has anyone approached you about doing a book on your style of music?????

KenBrown says: Or just a book on your approach to jazz?

Dawn says: Thanks Hank glad they liked the CD

HankG says: a book would be nice!

SteveL5CES says: Talk to Wolf

SteveL5CES says: I am sure that it would sell likehot cakes

Corey says: I gotta tell you Hank, with all the stuff out there today, it is great to be able to learn from a real technician like yourself. True talent.

HankG says: thank you Corey..that is a great compliment

KenBrown says: He's more than a technician, he's got heart and swing!

SteveL5CES says: Hank--what would you recommend as a good practice routine?? I have always wondered?

HankG says: Chuck Wayne was a very good friend of mine

Corey says: Music is about self expression. I like the way Hank expressed himself!!!

HankG says: thank you Corey..I tried my best and I loved playing

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