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Wolf Marshall

Wolf Marshall: That's an ES-175. A lot of early rock guys used this type of guitar. It's great for rockabilly. Check out early Chuck Berry and Scotty Moore too.

Bob: Is that a Fender Reverb in the back?

Wolf Marshall: Bob. Yep. That's a blackface Twin Reverb in back. That's A tweed Bassman out front on my left. The first extra lick will be a classic rockabilly Western swing thing in 3rds.

Wolf Marshall: It's based around an A chord and you can use it in the blues too. This one was used by Chet Atkins and a lot of rockabilly guys borrowed it over the years. Later it was used by rock n rollers too. The idea is to play parallel thirds in the A Mixo mode. The chromatic stuff gives it a nice edge.

Wolf Marshall: The jam track is a straight rockabilly groove in A. All these licks will work over it. Think of the lick as being based on the A barre chord at the 5th position.

mudfish: Wolf, The lick seems to end on an Ab7. Is that right?

Wolf Marshall: Mud... it ends on an A7 chord partial. G + C#. This is another dyad used in Western swing and blues. The lick has thirds and this tritone dyad.

Tom: are you using a flatpick or finger picking

Wolf Marshall: Tom: I'm using a flatpick, you can play it with fingers and pick or just fingers for a variety of attacks. This lick in another form appeared in the all-time classic guitar insrumental "Guitar Boogie Shuffle." Here comes another lick!

Wolf Marshall: This one is Western Swing lick that uses quite a few chromatic passing notes. Ala jazz and swing, which is what a lot of them listened to. You can really hear the Charlie Christian and Les Paul influence in this one! it has a nice flow. I hope you all like it and mess around with it. I picked this one up from Jimmy Bruno Sr. Who deserves greater recognition. Jimmy Bruno Sr. was a great swing player who also played great rockabilly. Everyone.. this is also based on the A barre chord position. He swing elements are the use of the 9th and 6th and the chromatic notes. A lot of rockers picked up the syncopated double stops. Here comes the next lick:

Wolf Marshall: I hope you're all ready---this is different! This one can be fingerpicked or plucked with a pick.

gman: I really like that one, a good exercise for your hand

ginnym: that sounds like the Chet Atkin's lick that Brian Setzer wrote a song around

Wolf Marshall: Gin and Gman You know, this one is definitely out of the country bag but with a pedal steel vibe. You have to keep the chords ringing. The first chord is a little bit of a stretch.

ginnym: any suggestions for practicing that first stretch, it's big for my little girly hands :-(

Wolf Marshall: Be sure to look at the chord shapes.

Ed: I hear bells in the 4th bar of the lick or are those just in my head?

Wolf Marshall: Ed, it may be the harmonics in the amp. Any one else hear bells there? That Bassman has a lot of tone. Must be an aural illusion. ghost in the machine. Notice that the lick resolves to that A barre chord for the final part.

Ed: yep, must be played pretty fast to keep up with the jam track

Wolf Marshall: Ed. Naw, actually it lays almost in the's just a little slower. In swing, much of the uptempo stuff is all 8th notes. Here's the final lick for tonight

Wolf Marshall: This one is a position-shifting lick. So many rockers and early rockabilly players got into that pull-off rolling lick

Ed: I've seen Brian Setzer do it a lot

Wolf Marshall: Ed... you are so right. Also Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Albert Lee, ---the list goes on...

gman: do you think Stevie Ray Vaughan were influenced by these type of licks?

Skedman: Stevie were influenced by everything

Wolf Marshall: Gman...yes. SRV listened to it all. That SRV attitude is the mark of a true open-minded musician

Kevin: nods*....If you listen to the interviews (or read them in Mags) you can really tell....

Ed: and he makes no bones about saying that he stole stuff from the greats

JoeyC: steal from one person're a thief...steal from lots of people....RESEARCH

Wolf Marshall: Joey: that's the line.

JoeyC: Howards Roberts' old line!!!

Wolf Marshall: Right HR, Joey. Thanks see you next week. Any last questions? Keep getting into it please. Well. That's a wrap--see you all next week. Stay inspired.

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