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Guitar F/X Licks - Tuesday - Week 4

The Mutron Bi-Phase was a unique animal which was really two separate phasers in one box. Bi-Phase units allowed the two integrated phasers to be mixed together or selected as discrete presets. They were equipped with sophisticated controls, which marked the final evolution of the analog phase shifter. The Bi-Phase graces many a hit record in the 1970s, in adition to Steely Dan's "Deacon Blues" outro and Eric Johnson's "High Landrons" on Ah Via Musicom. Our lick for October 24 is a typical phrase which exploits the extreme phasing sound of the Bi-Phase. Licks like this are associated with the riff style of studio jazz rock/R&B guitarists like Lee Ritenour and the stellar L.A. session cats in the 1970s and 1980s. The basic idea involves setting the phaser for a slow sweep with a fair amount of depth and resonance to the effect, and marrying it to a characteristic figure. Usually this a funky repetitive riff which is colored in the course of its playing by the various changing frequencies emphasized in the phasing effect. Today's lick is a palm-muted which adds a percussive quality that works well with the phaser's sweep. The melody is in A minor and is based on the A Blues Scale (A-C-D-Eb-E-G). This percolating lick was played on a Gibson ES335 with a Mutron Bi-Phase into a Soldano SLO-100 amp.

Learn this lick and practice with this jam track
Skill Level: guitar pick onguitar pick onguitar pick offguitar pick off
Key: E

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