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Texas Tone Recipes

Stevie Ray Vaughan 

 "Say What!" Intro 
Performed by Wolf Marshall

 Guitar: 1996 Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan model.  
Effects: Ibanez TS-808 overdrive pedal and then a Dunlop Crybaby wah-wah pedal and a Dunlop Rotovibe. 
The signal then was split R and L with a Boss digital delay stomp box (no effect, just signal separation).  
Amps: The R side was sent to a 1967 Fender Super Reverb Amp and the signal here was buffered with a PMP Buff IV pre-amp to drive the long guitar cord.  
The L side went straight into a Soldano SLO-100 head with the SRV mod and a 1970 Marshall 4x12 speaker cabinet. 

1.  This was one of the most involved signal paths on the SRV recording. And one you must actively play. In "Say What!" you really are playing the effect in this song. The guitar licks in the intro and first four choruses make use of the talking wah technique, created by moving the pedal in time with a particular phrase.  
It helps to sing the lines and move the pedal in time with your vocalizing.  I used both a Dunlop original Crybaby(GCB-95) as well as their  newer "high-intensity" Crybaby model (CB-535 Multi-Wah). The latter has an adjustable gain boost pot 
(0 -11db) that allows you to change the shaping of the note and add more emphasis to the tone changes in the pedal throw —  
i.e. more treble when it’s floored, more bass when it’s up.  

2.  In addition to the wah-wahs, a Dunlop Rotovibe pedal was used for the Leslie effect at a faster speed.   

Signal path.  

Note that the distortion comes first, before the wah and before the Rotovibe.  
The resulting processed signal is then split and sent to different amps.  
Fender SRV Strat into TS-808: (OD 1:00, T&L 12:00) and  Crybaby wah pedal. 
Next add 
Rotovibe: Leslie effect = Red mode. Intensity 12:00.  
Position the pedal throw so that it is almost all the way down.  

Next send the signal through a DDL or similar effect to split into two paths. 
Guitar R and L. 

Here are the basic amp settings. 
R: Super Reverb: V5-T7-M5-B6-R3  &  L: Soldano: N5-B11-M5-T7-NM5 


Learn all about Stevie's sound and playing techniques in Wolf's newest release...THE GUITAR STYLE OF STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN signature  
Available now from Hal Leonard Corp. Order by calling toll-free:1-800-637-2852 or write to MUSIC DISPATCH, P.O.Box 13920, Milwaukee, WI 53213 


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