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Lesson Subject:
Guitarists Influenced By Hendrix II
What you learn: Uli Jon Roth Style
Teacher: Michael Johnson

Michael: This interactive lesson continues the series on Guitarists Influenced by Hendrix. Hendrix made a profound impact on so many guitarists, including our featured guitarist for the lesson, Uli Jon Roth. Uli is a German born guitarist who played in the early Scorpions and was an early founder of the neo-classical guitar movement. Uli's style is like crossing Hendrix with Paganni. Uli has an amazing sense of phrasing and a very dynamic touch, he's one of the guitarists who inspired guitarists like Yngwie Malmsteen. Check out the lesson sample of what you will learn:

Lesson Sample

Michael: The introduction is from Mozart's Rondo Alla Turca, Sonata in A Major Allegretto, let's start with the opening classical melody.

Part 1 - Lick 1

Michael: This section starts in the A minor scale pattern.

Michael: I'm sure most of you recognize this classical melody. Here's the jam track:

Looping Jam Track 1

Looping Jam Track 1 - Slow

Michael: Notice how the pull-offs help you sound faster, most of you will have to practice on alternate picking to help these melodies sound clean. Try playing the scale a few times as well to help warm up, then playing the melodies slow and then increasing your speed gradually. Here's the next section of Part 1:

Part 1 - Lick 2

Michael: This section uses the A Minor notes on the 1st and 2nd strings. Here's the pattern of the notes used.

Michael: Here's a jam track with the melody for 1 & 2 combined:

Looping Jam Track 2

Looping Jam Track 2 - Slow

Michael: Now let's jump into Part 2, this section has a typical Hendrix groove.

Part 2 - Riff 1

Michael: You start with the E5 chord and then use the E Major Pentatonic box that is connected to the chord shape.

Michael: This tab should give you an idea of the pattern used, notice you use double-stop type licks which was very commonly used by Hendrix. You later use an ascending octave run towards the end of the lick. Here's the jam track:

Looping Jam Track 3a

Michael: Now for the 2nd part of the phrase you use a octave type riff.

Part 2 - Riff 2

Michael: Here's a prime example of using octaves to play a melody, this technique was commonly used by jazz players like Wes Montgomery and guitarists like Hendrix. Here's the jam track:

Looping Jam Track 3b

Michael: Our next section uses another Hendrix type groove using the E7#9 chord, Uli would use this chord in all kinds of rhythm patterns.

Part 3 - Riff 1

Michael: This is a cool riff, notice you slide the E7#9 chord and use the E minor Pentatonic scale pattern to fill in the riff.

vai: Any tips for keeping your fingers in the right frets when sliding on tab 9?

Michael: Vai, practice using that chord while sliding ascending and descending over and over. Repeating the movement of the chord back and forth should help you develop muscle memory to use that chord in many situations.

Michael: Here's the 2nd part of the riff, notice the chords toward the end ascend using Major Pentatonic licks of the chord pattern lick I illustrated earlier. Also the chord pattern has a ascending classical sound using the Minor 6 chords to tie in the barre chords. 

Part 3 - Riff 2

Michael: Here's the jam track using Riffs 1 & 2 together:

Looping Jam Track 4

Michael: Also practice moving the chord up your neck 1 fret at a time and then descend one fret at a time. The trick is getting into the habit of sliding the chord shape up and down the neck, the repetition of this movement will help. OK, here's a few licks to play over the last rhythm pattern:

Part 3 - Lick 1

Michael: This lick starts in the 2nd box of the E Minor Pentatonic scale.

Michael: This tab should help you see where the first lick is played, I highlighted the notes of the pattern. Here's the next lick:

Part 3 - Lick 2

Michael: Here's the last lick:

Part 3 - Lick 3

This is a descending run using the E Minor Blues scale pattern. Notice the pull-offs help you sound faster.

Michael: Well that's it for the lesson, it was great seeing all of you and keep practicing!

vai: thank you

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