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Michael Johnson >> Acoustic Kentucky Bluegrass >>

Michael: let me send you a sample of the licks you will learn in this lesson:

Michael: I'll break it first into chords, then scales then the licks that move with this progression, it basically follows C maj, Am, F maj, G maj,  the scale can actually follow the chord progression, ok, we'll start with the basic stuff and build up from there

Michael: here's the chord progression, Here's the picture for each chord:

Michael: here's the video, it works harmonically in the progression, in the key of C Major you have...........

C, D, E, F, G, A, B, the chords for that key are...... C maj, D min, E min, F maj, G maj, A min, B dim

Michael: there is a chord pattern for each key

Riggs: Do you only play acoustic or do you play electric also?

Michael: The first finger is barred, both, let's start now with the looping jam track

Play w/Looping Jam Track

AceDuck: sweet... i'm with you so far

Michael: try playing the chords over the jam track

chris: almost like a movable open F I that right?

Michael: just get use to moving the chords with the jam track, yes it is, this lick is based on the C major chord (8th fret) and the A minor chord (5th fret)

slow_down: is there a way to see the fingering of that lick

Michael: sure can, Here's the picture

Deano: hehe... i've got a dissobediant second finger... it keeps wanting to hit a string when I do the alternates of A minor

slow_down: this isn't for beginners, is it

Michael: yes and above, notice the licks I gave you follow the C, Am, F & G progression

slow_down: well, I know the simple form, but you're teaching barre chords, right

Michael: partial barre chords, let's try another combination of licks over the jam track

chris: on the second that a 22?

Michael: those are 2 chords

Michael: Here's the images

Deano: man, what a stretch for that last bit.

AceDuck: my fingers cant stretch like that

Deano: (can ya tell I don't work my pinky enough? =)

Michael: take your time, gradually extend your little finger

Michael: notice in this lick you play the bottom two strings of the C chord and hammer on the little string. You can see this done on the video I just sent, the tab fingering shows this also, basically your using licks from the notes of the chords. I showed on the tab chords the licks are based on

Deano: yup... gotta spend more time doing that kinda stretch... (or get a much smaller scale guitar =)... I think I'll practice instead of cheating...

Michael: and select the section you want to practice

chris: wow.. that is tough.. is there a special way to keep my hand to make that stretch work?.. ouch

Michael: Chris, try to adjust you elbow, that will angle you overall arm to reach the fretboard better

chris: man..thats definitely frustrating

Deano: around 22", I think.

chris: towards my body you mean?

Michael: yes Chris, towards or away from your body

Michael: the last lick actually uses the F and G major pentatonic scales

Deano: Teach... on that G chord stretch to 7, do you have to get that pinky all the way behind that fret, or just close enough to pull the note off?

Deano: (i'm still working on a short ways back)

fergy: great place for a little vibrato

Michael: close to the fret, I just sent you the F major Pentatonic Scale

Deano: ok, but not as close as you would in a closer bunched fingering, like you normally would

Tom: Thanks for the tip I'll do that..

Michael: Here's the G Major Pentatonic scale

Deano: great... I don't want to be short changing myself when I practice and not striving for that 'extra little bit'

AppxGuy: Great, except my little finger hurts.

fergy: doin great.....just adding a little improv while waiting

Michael: here's the next lick, it's a bit longer

harry: should we play all these licks using fingerstyle or is it better with a pick

Michael: notice this combines playing licks over each chord, better with a pick for bluegrass, notice in the last sequence of licks how you move with the progression, see you next lesson!

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