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► Jam Sessions - Smooth Jazz Lyle Ronglien Lesson Archives
Grab your guitar and jam along! Join in on these jam sessions, which are designed to teach you theory and technique, rhythm riffs, chords, scales, riffs, and solos, as you play along to the jam tracks. What is the "Smooth Jazz Style"? The smooth jazz style contains many different styles of music such as blues, rock, Latin, R&B, funk, hip-hop, and jazz. That's one of the things I like about this style, it's very flexible and open to interpretation. You can make what you want with it. The smooth jazz guitar style is very bluesy and can be played on acoustic or electric guitars.

These lessons are great for the student who is looking for new things to practice, new theory to apply, new ways to improvise using modes, and perhaps best of all, something new to jam to.

2nd Edition!
Jam in Em
Jam in F#m
Jam in Am
Jam in AMaj
Jam in Cm
Jam in Abm
Jam in Gm
Jam in Em
Jam in A Maj
Jam in Bbm
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