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Jam Sessions Smooth Jazz Style

Lesson 4 - Jam in AMaj

Lyle: Grab your guitar and jam along! Join in on these jam sessions, which are designed to teach you theory and technique, rhythm riffs, chords, scales, riffs, and solos, as you play along to the jam tracks.

Lyle: First you'll learn the main section/verse or groove of this jam in the key of A major. Here's a jam track for this part:

Lyle: The verse is just two chords, the I and Iv chords in the key of A, which is A maj and D maj. You'll play a fancier version of these like this:


Lyle: You can lightly strum the two chords on the first beat of each measure like this:

jax: The two chords sound similar, it's hard for my ears to hear the differance...

Lyle: Make sure you're not muting strings you shouldn't be.

Lyle: The chorus of the song uses a few of the minor chords in the key of A, the iii - vi - ii and then the V:

Lyle: Practice the chords for the chorus against this jam track:

Lyle: Now you're ready to jam! Here's the chord chart for both sections and the full jam track:

chord chart

Lyle: Here's the full song jam track:

Lyle: There is another rhythm riff you can play, goes like this:

Lyle: All of these chords are in the key of A major so the A major scale is a great place to start when improvising over this jam:

Lyle: When you listen back to the TAB file, notice how all the notes of the scale sound pretty good against the jam track.

Lyle: Now you're ready to start working on the solo from the lesson sample. Here's riff 1:

Lyle: I forgot to mention this jam is in a 6/8 time signature, meaning count to 6 for each measure.

Lyle: Notice the little slide up into the note type of thing, remember I talked about that in earlier lessons on the Smooth Jazz Style, the secret sliding riff thing.

Lyle: The rhythm/phrasing of the notes is very loose to help create a floating sound. I was so tempted to change this but I realized that I probably should leave it the way it is. It has more feeling this way, just a little off beat.

Lyle: The next riff is a variation of what happened in riff 1:

Lyle: Next is a riff played over the chorus section:

Lyle: The final riff is against the verse again. This takes you back to the theme but up an octave and using octaves for one of the most tastiest of smooth jazz riffs on the guitar:

jax: Yes I love the octaves, oh yea..!

Lyle: :-)

Lyle: Repeat riff 4 to equal 16 measures, then do the chorus riffs again.

Lyle: Riff 4 combines both the secret sliding riff thing and the octaves using a clean guitar sound, neck pickup.

Lyle: Here's a video of the whole solo:

Lyle: That's all I have for you on this jam.

Lyle: Welcome everyone, have a great week and hope to jam with you again next Monday night!

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