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► Understanding Chords & Arpeggios Michael Johnson Lesson Archives
Music theory is a mystery to many guitarist, but a very essential fundamental to understanding the fretboard, learning how to play various styles, figuring out songs on your own, and how to write your own music. Without this knowledge the musician is left grasping in the dark wondering how to get the sound they hear in their head or hear played by their favorite artist. This lesson series helps demystify these concepts and formulas by breaking them down into pieces of the puzzle where you can visualize how they all fit together. Not only does this series lay out the formulas like in a theory book, but you are also able to see and hear basic and advanced concepts displayed on the virtual guitar neck, this opens up a whole new dimension for learning! This lesson series will be an excellent reference that you will refer to often.

* How scales break down into triads, arpeggios & chords * Formulas for Major (Maj, Maj7, Maj9, etc.), Dominate (7th, 9th, etc), Minor (Min, Min7, Min9, etc), Diminished * How Chords/Arpeggios change Keys and relate to the Circle of 5ths * How Chords/Arpeggios relate to Modes * How Modes are used to build Chord Progressions * Using various Chord Progressions * And more!
Basic Chord Forumulas
Basic/Extended Chords
More Extended Chords
Keys/Circle of 5ths
Chord Progressions
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