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► Contemporary Blues Guitarists Michael Johnson Lesson Archives
Gary Moore, Ry Cooder, Robert Cray & Robben Ford
The splendor of blues guitar is its ability to morph with the interpretation of the individual musician. Early blues masters like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and BB King expressed that their music didn't come from any formula, only from the soul and day-to-day life experiences. This same spirit is carried on with later generations of musicians as well. This series will focus on the style of Gary Moore, Ry Cooder, Robert Cray and Robben Ford, each of whom have a very unique approach to playing the blues.

These lessons will help you explore how to expand on your blues guitar sound. In this series you'll learn the style and techniques used by each of these guitarists by focusing on playing licks, blues progression variations and adapting other styles of music into the blues sound.
Gary Moore style, Part 1
Gary Moore style, Part 2
Ry Cooder Rhythm Style
Robert Cray style
Robben Ford style
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