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► Speed Techniques Lyle Ronglien Blog
Shred, burn, rip, and fly are just a few words used to describe the art of playing fast on the guitar. Assembled in this series are many of the essential exercises, techniques and licks I have used to develop my own speed. Exercises covered in this series are warm-ups, right hand picking, left hand hammer-ons, and left hand pull-offs.

Being able to play fast sure is a lot a fun! It takes a lot of discipline, dedication and practice. Sometimes it's not all that much fun doing drills and hours of repetition, but it will pay off in the long run. Remember, being able to play fast doesn't happen overnight! Even though a simple melody may be better than a fast riff, it's still fun to play fast!

22 Licks, 4 Interactive Lessons
Friday - Week 1
Monday - Week 2
Tuesday - Week 2
Wednesday - Week 2
Thursday - Week 2
Friday - Week 2
Monday - Week 3
Tuesday - Week 3
Wednesday - Week 3
Thursday - Week 3
Friday - Week 3
Monday - Week 4
Tuesday - Week 4
Wednesday - Week 4
Thursday - Week 4
Friday - Week 4
Monday - Week 5
Tuesday - Week 5
Wednesday - Week 5
Thursday - Week 5
Friday - Week 5
Group Lesson - Week 1
Group Lesson - Week 2
Group Lesson - Week 3
Group Lesson - Week 4
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