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► 70s Funk Blast Michael Johnson Lick of the Day
In the 1960s artists like James Brown, the Meters and Sly and the Family Stone fused their Blues, R & B and Rock 'n Roll influences into what was later labeled as "funk." These artists made a profound impacted on the music industry and influenced a whole new generation of musicians who strived to develop their own unique style of funk. Bands like Parliament/Funkadelic, Brothers Johnson, Average White Band, Tower of Power, Ohio Players and many others burst onto the music scene driven by a new dance craze sweeping the world called "disco." Some of these bands rode the disco wave to success while others continued on a path to develop their own sound.

The early funk sound featured tight syncopated bass and drum back beats with "scratch" guitar rhythms playing over the groove, but the 1970s ushered in a new variation to this sound featuring more rock guitar licks influenced by players like Jimi Hendrix and the emergence of "slap" bass.

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