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► Guitarists Who Shaped the 80s Lyle Ronglien Lick of the Day
Ever since the first guitar was amplified, there have been countless guitarists that have stepped onto the path of playing harder, faster and louder. In the '80s, bands such as Metallica, Pantera, Ozzy, AC/DC, Van Halen and many more, ruled the metal scene with their decibel crunching, power chord riff assault and blazing solos. They had every young guitarist practicing for hours trying to emulate the axe wielding heroes of the day. Several players made a huge and defining impact on the world of metal guitar music throughout the '80s. Edward Van Halen was one of the biggest influences during that time along with Metallica's Kirk Hammet, the late Randy Rhoads from Ozzy Osbourne and Angus Young from AC/DC. All these players belong to an elite group of fretboard shredders that changed the world of electric guitar and rock 'n roll as we know it. During this month, you will explore, learn and recreate some of the most exciting licks, styles and techniques used by several of the world's best heavy metal guitarists that helped shape the '80s.

21 Licks, 3 Interactive Lessons
Friday - Week 1
Monday - Week 2
Tuesday - Week 2
Wednesday - Week 2
Thursday - Week 2
Friday - Week 2
Monday - Week 3
Tuesday - Week 3
Wednesday - Week 3
Thursday - Week 3
Friday - Week 3
Monday - Week 4
Tuesday - Week 4
Wednesday - Week 4
Thursday - Week 4
Friday - Week 4
Monday - Week 5
Tuesday - Week 5
Wednesday - Week 5
Thursday - Week 5
Friday - Week 5
Group Lesson - Week 1
Group Lesson - Week 2
Group Lesson - Week 3
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