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► Jazz Connection Don Mock Lick of the Day
Guitarist Don Mock is best known as a player, author and founding instructor of GIT (Musicians Institute of Technology) in Hollywood, California. Mock has over 25 years experience teaching and giving clinics / seminars and has authored several popular guitar books and REH videos.

In this Lick of the Day lesson series, Don will guide you through a vast array of standard and contemporary jazz licks and chord progressions. This series is designed to help the rock and blues guitarist make the "connection" to jazz guitar, thus expanding your repertoire and understanding of music theory. You can visualize and control advanced licks/chord progressions which you can see displayed on the virtual fretboard. The Riff Interactive tools allow you to loop and slow within pitch complex licks down to your skill level. It has never been so easy to learn jazz guitar, it's like having a GIT teacher in your own home!

23 Licks, 4 Interactive Lessons
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