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► Evolution of Jazz Guitar Chris Spencer Lick of the Day
Berklee College of Music graduate Chris Spencer will guide you through a vast array of historic jazz licks that will greatly enhance your playing. You will explore the evolution of the jazz guitar from the swing era to its current state. You will follow a fairly chronological path, starting out with the swing guitarists, moving into the bebop players, and then into the post bebop/modern sounds. Each "Lick of the Day" will focus on an individual guitar player style who contributed significantly to their era in jazz. The licks will also be over common chord progressions, so they can be reused often and in different situations. The interactive lessons will take a more in-depth look at the previous week's material, plunging into more of the "why" than the "how". You will learn a bit of theory, as well as scale and arpeggio exercises to increase dexterity.
Monday - Week 1
Tuesday - Week 1
Wednesday - Week 1
Thursday - Week 15 star rating
Friday - Week 1
Monday - Week 25 star rating
Tuesday - Week 2
Wednesday - Week 2
Thursday - Week 2
Friday - Week 2
Monday - Week 35 star rating
Tuesday - Week 3
Wednesday - Week 3
Thursday - Week 3
Friday - Week 3
Monday - Week 4
Tuesday - Week 4
Wednesday - Week 4
Thursday - Week 4
Friday - Week 4
Monday - Week 5
Tuesday - Week 5
Wednesday - Week 5
Group Lesson - Week 1
Group Lesson - Week 2
Group Lesson - Week 3
Group Lesson - Week 4
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